Apartment Insurance

Charlotte Insurance wants to help you show your value as a preferred property manager by being pro-active in taking care of your clients, saving them money, and protecting their assets.

That’s why we offer property managers a value-added service which will save your clients money on their premiums.

Our apartment insurance policies cover your clients for loss of rents, claims from “wrongful” evictions, wrongful entry into a unit, vandalism, theft, and slip-and-fall claims anywhere on the location. We are pleased to add multiple locations to one policy for your convenience, so that you’ll only pay one bill.

We work with only the best companies to offer competitive rates and superior coverage. We also provide the best customer service around.

Why not take a few quick minutes to fill out our free online quote form? Even if you’re already insured, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to see how much we could be saving you!

For more information on our apartment insurance program, contact Charlotte Insurance today!