Since 1992, Charlotte Insurance has worked hard to become one of the most trusted names in insurance and bonds for Charlotte area businesses. We don't just insure your property or business, we also assist business owners in further protecting specific areas of their business with surety bonds.

Every type of business can benefit from the protection and security of surety bonds. Start-ups, retailers, restaurants, construction companies, landscapers, and many more can feel confident that their business can continue even in the face of malicious employees, subcontractors who won't pay, and other very real situations that may affect your business at any point.


It's important to remember that bonds are not insurance, but they do provide protection for you, your business, and even your customers and clients.

Surety bonds ensure everyone meets their contractual obligations. Fidelity bonds, a type of surety bond, protects your business from damage or loss in a different way. Bonds protect all parties involved in a contract.

Not every business needs every type of bond available. Here at Charlotte Insurance, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you determine which bonds will work best for your company. Whether you're a construction company who works with multiple subcontractors, a landscaping company complying with new regulations, or a business that understands the need to protect against the damage one accident or bad employee can cause, there is a bond available.

Take a look at just a few of the bonds that Charlotte Insurance can help you secure.


Bid bonds ensure that anyone who bids on a contract actually enters the agreement. Your customers can have peace of mind before you begin work. Use bid bonds for subcontractors, and you can have the same assurance that they will enter the agreements they bid on, as well.


Payment bonds protect you against those who refuse to pay for the service you've provided. Whether it's a private individual or a larger company, with payment bonds, you know you're getting paid for the work once the job is done.


Performance bonds guarantee that whatever is outlined in your agreement will be completed correctly. Educate your customers about performance bonds to instill a sense of trust from the beginning. Use those same bonds to make sure subcontractors do the job that you hired them to do.


Maintenance bonds make sure that any maintenance or warranty promises within a contract are followed to the letter. Another multi-purpose bond, you can use this as a way to let customers know you're serious about the maintenance of their finished project or you can make sure your subcontractor will take care of any problems after their job is completed.


Fidelity bonds protect you and your business from damage or loss, most often caused by employees' actions. Your coverage can cover any and all aspects of your business. Because no two businesses are alike, your fidelity bond can be customized to your needs. Choose from a variety of coverage including employee theft or dishonesty, general theft, fraud, good faith reliance on false documents, and more.


Certain trades, like construction, have their own industry specific bonds that can be required in certain situations. One type of bond is the contractor license bond, also known as “contractor bonds.” They are often required by local governments to guarantee that contractors follow local licensing laws.

There are also bonds called construction bonds or “contract bonds” which can include bid bonds, payment bonds, performance bonds, and maintenance bonds. But there are also supply bonds, site improvement bonds, and subdivision bonds. The specific type of a bond a contractor needs will depend on the project type and requirements.

As of August 1, landscapers are no longer simply registered within the state, but are now licensed and must show proof that they've purchased the appropriate surety bonds. If you're a professional landscaper in the North Carolina area, it's important that you understand the new regulations. Learn more about Landscaper Surety Bonds.

When you're ready to safeguard yourself, your business, and your customers against those who do not meet their contractual obligations or seek to do harm, contact us at Charlotte Insurance. We will work with you, answer your questions, give you an estimate, and help you protect your company from potential harm. Contact us today!