Insurance For Crafters

Maybe your crafting started as a hobby, something you did in your spare time, on weekends, and to relax. It has since turned into an Etsy store, a Shopify website, or maybe even a jam-packed schedule of craft fairs and markets on the weekends.

You’re a crafter who’s turned your passion into a business. Now it’s time to think about protecting yourself and your product with crafters insurance.

Who needs crafters insurance?

Anyone who makes goods by hand to sell to other people or to companies.

  • Woodturners and woodworkers
  • Artisans and artists
  • Bakers
  • Soap makers
  • Candle makers
  • Skin care crafters
  • Knitters, crocheters, and quilters
  • Small batch, home cooks
  • And more!

If you make something by hand and sell it, you’re a crafter. That means you need crafters insurance.

When do I need crafters insurance?

There are a few scenarios when it’s time to look into crafters insurance for your business.

  • When you begin to buy equipment and stockpile inventory that would be too expensive to replace out of pocket.
  • Once you open an online store or attend in-person events to sell your product.
  • Anytime after you set yourself up as a business, whether you’ve made money yet or not.
  • When a craft market or fair requires public liability insurance or craft stall insurance

Do not expect your homeowners insurance policy to cover your business. The vast majority won’t cover anything related to your crafting business. If a fire destroys your equipment and inventory, you’ll be responsible for replacing it. If you’re found liable for someone else’s property damage or bodily injury at a craft fair, your homeowners liability cover won’t help. You’ll have to pay out of pocket.

What is crafters insurance?

Crafters insurance is a bundle of business insurance that protects you if someone else gets hurt or suffers property damage caused by you or your product. It also protects you financially if your equipment or inventory are damaged in a covered peril.

General Liability: The most basic of all business insurance, general liability is what you need when a craft fair vendor contract requires “craft stall insurance” or “public liability coverage.” If a third party (not an employee or family member) gets hurt or suffers property damage in your stall or while working with you, you could be liable for the costs. General liability covers you.

Commercial Property Insurance: Think about the cost of the equipment you use -- whether you’re a woodworker or a baker. If everything you owned related to your business was destroyed, would you be able to afford to replace it? Commercial property insurance covers your crafting business so you can replace what you’ve lost.

Product Liability: Not every crafter needs product liability. If your product could potentially cause injury or illness, add product liability coverage:

  • Handmade beauty or skincare products
  • Products with sharp edges
  • Items meant for babies or small children
  • Food items

Crafters insurance is more affordable than you realize. Protect your passion, your work, and your finances with an insurance policy designed specifically for you.

Are you a crafter who’s turned your hobby into a business? Need coverage for an upcoming craft fair? Contact Charlotte Insurance for a free quote.