Charlotte fidelity bonds are a type of insurance that protects your business and your customers from dishonest employees such as theft and property damage. There is no single fidelity bond you can buy. Instead there are three types available for your business:

  • Employee dishonesty bond
  • Business service bond
  • ERISA bonds

Only ERISA bonds are required for businesses that offer pension plans and employee benefits like 401K plans. All other fidelity bonds are optional, but they send a message to clients and customers that you take their business, and your own, seriously. These bonds show a commitment to protecting your clients from theft and damage.

You can purchase a Charlotte fidelity bond that offers blanket coverage up to a certain amount. You can also purchase a bond that covers specific employees, or even a single employee. Your coverage amount and total cost will be determined by the type of coverage you choose.

We want to believe our employees will always be honest, but this isn’t always the reality. Protect yourself from unscrupulous employees with these bonds.

Employee Dishonesty Bond

Employee dishonesty bonds are one of the most common fidelity bonds. They protect your business from employees who commit dishonest acts like theft, burglary, forgery, or embezzlement. This might be theft of cash, securities, or other forms of property.

Business Services Bond

Many businesses send employees on customer property, both business or personal. A business services bond protects your clients personal property from loss or damage that your employees cause. This could be a loss of customers money, personal belongings, supplies, or equipment.


An ERISA bond is required by any business that offers a pension plan or employee benefits like a 401K. The Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 requires fidelity bond coverage that totals 10 percent of the plan’s assets. This protects the beneficiaries and participants from a dishonest fiduciary who handles employee benefit plans like 401Ks and other pension plans.

Fidelity Bonds Cost

The cost of a Charlotte fidelity bond is determined by multiple factors:

  • Your business type and industry
  • The amount of employees that will be covered by the bond
  • The amount of the coverage your business needs

Your premium will be a percentage of the total bond amount. In many cases, this may be approximately one percent of the total amount of coverage.

For many businesses, a fidelity bond is not a requirement, but it can set you apart from your competitors. You’ll give your customers and clients peace of mind that you take their safety and possessions seriously. When you’re ready to take your business to a new level and offer your customers additional protection, purchase the right fidelity bond for your business.