7 Things You Didn’t Know Home Insurance Covered

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 28, 2020. It has 0 comments.

a "home sweet home" doormat in front of a home with a Charlotte home insurance policy

You know your Charlotte homeowners insurance protects you from fire, theft, and when a limb falls on your roof during a storm. You know you have liability coverage for accidents and damage. But there are a few key details you might have missed the last time you looked over your policy. Check out these small, […]

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Cannabis and Insurance in 2020

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 23, 2020. It has 0 comments.

a Charlotte cannabis business that needs insurance

Considering getting into the cannabis business in 2020? Trying to keep up with insurance and financial information while growing your current business? Here’s what you need to know for the year ahead. More Insurance Options for More Cannabis Producers In 2020, with plenty of changes on the horizon and more coming, insurance options for cannabis […]

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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 21, 2020. It has 0 comments.

a man preparing his Charlotte, NC home for winter

Want to keep your home and family as safe as possible this winter? Make sure you take care of things around your home before the winter storms hit. A little maintenance now will save you from potential damage and problems later. Use this checklist to prepare your home for the cold weather ahead and prevent […]

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Think You Don’t Need Umbrella Insurance? Think Again.

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 16, 2020. It has 0 comments.

Charlotte umbrella insurance

It’s hard to imagine that you might one day be sued, especially for something that wasn’t really your fault. You try to be safe and cautious, and you’d never try to purposely injure someone or cause property damage. But accidents happen, and it’s difficult to predict what the outcome might be or how an accident […]

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Insuring Your Boat During the Winter

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 14, 2020. It has 0 comments.

winterized boats in Charlotte that need insurance

You only use your boat during the warmer months, so you only need insurance when it’s in use. Right? Wrong. Keeping your boat insured during the winter (and all year long) protects you and your boat and saves you money in the long-run. Don’t Count on Your Homeowners Coverage If you’re relying on your home […]

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New Year’s Resolutions: Saving Money and Staying Safe in 2020

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 10, 2020. It has 0 comments.

piggy bank used to save money in 2020

Not all New Year’s Resolutions are of the “new year, new me” variety. You can want to reach goals that don’t involve going to the gym, eating kale, or signing up for a marathon. Make 2020 the year you save money and stay safe — for yourself and your loved ones. Here are a few […]

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Protect Your Cannabis Farm

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charlotte, nc cannabis farm that needs insurance

As recently as 2018, cannabis and hemp farms could not be insured due to federal law declaring these crops illegal. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill at the end of last year, that has all changed. Just like any other crop, natural disasters and other forms of loss can devastate both your farm […]

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Ring in the New Year Safely

Written By Charlotte Insurance on December 24, 2019. It has 0 comments.

a dog wearing a Happy New Year hat

As you plan where you’re going and what you’ll do this New Year’s Eve, think about how you’ll do it safely. Who’s going to drive? Will you know the people you’re enjoying the night with? Will you have people over or will you go out? You can have a good time this New Year’s, but […]

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Best of Charlotte: New Year’s Eve Celebrations

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a group of people celebrating at one of Charlotte, NC's best new year's eve celebrations

Making plans for New Year’s Eve? Not sure what to do to ring in 2020? Charlotte is a thriving, diverse city filled with events that cater to every taste. No matter what you’re into, you can find the perfect New Year’s celebration — day or night!  Check out several celebrations and plan your New Year’s […]

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Start the Year Off Right with an Annual Insurance Review

Written By Charlotte Insurance on December 17, 2019. It has 0 comments.

a person reviewing their insurance as part of their annual insurance review

It might not be as glamorous or exciting as setting New Year’s resolutions and posting progress pictures on Instagram, but there’s one thing you need to add to your “new year, new you list”: an annual insurance review. No, it won’t take up too much time, and yes, it will help you at some point […]

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