The Ultimate Guide to Home Insurance Discounts

Written By Charlotte Insurance on July 2, 2019. It has 0 comments.

a home that qualifies for home insurance discounts

As a homeowner, you need home insurance, but that doesn’t mean you want to play anymore than you have to. Many owners want to know what kinds of discounts they can get. Here’s your ultimate guide to home insurance discounts to make sure you’re not paying too much for coverage. Bundling Discount The most common […]

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Why Contractors Need a Charlotte Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy

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You spent countless hours preparing a bid, answering the client’s questions, and understanding their specifications. Beating out dozens of other major construction companies, you were awarded the job. It’s the biggest you’ve ever won. Now you’re hiring new people, finding new subcontractors, and looking forward to adding this project to your list of satisfied clients.

Then disaster strikes. A fire takes out most of the job site. The job is on hold indefinitely as the cause of the fire is investigated. Your clients have determined they don’t have the money to start over.

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