Your gas station or convenience store may sell soda, chips, gas, eggs, bread, and milk, but you really deal in the business of people. People coming in and out of your establishment at all hours of the day and night. People parking every which way in a crowded parking lot. People buying food and beverages and also spilling things all over the floor - that's why having the right gas station insurance policy is so important.

Add to that the reality that refrigerators break down, employees get hurt unboxing inventory, and customer slip and falls. It’s your job to run a clean, safe convenience store or supermarket. It’s our job to help you protect your business with the right insurance for your convenience store, grocery store, or gas station.

Some of the insurance policies your gas station or convenience store needs include:

General Liability Insurance: From slips and falls to shopping carts scratching customer vehicles, if someone gets hurt or suffers property damage, you have to pay for it. General liability coverage takes care of the expenses and covers you if someone sues.

Commercial Property Insurance: Within your store, you’ve got counters, shelving, refrigerators, cash registers, computer, foods, beverages, supplies, and other equipment and inventory. After a fire, major storm, or big theft, you need to replace what was lost. Property insurance helps you do that.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance: If the lights aren’t on, the sodas aren’t cold, or the ice maker won’t work, you lose money. With equipment breakdown coverage, you can get necessary equipment fixed or replaced and keep taking care of your customers.

Crime Insurance: No one wants to think they’ve hired a dishonest employee but it happens all the time. At the same time, third-parties might spend days or weeks casing your establishment to rob it when you least expect it. Crime insurance helps you get back to business whether the loss is from employee dishonesty or theft of money and securities.

Workers' Compensation Insurance: Working with boxes of inventory, resetting shelves, cleaning up spills -- there’s a lot that can cause injury to your employees. When they’re hurt on the job, it’s your responsibility to pay for their medical expenses and lost wages. With workers compensation, you can do that and protect yourself from lawsuits. It’s also a legal requirement that you can’t afford to skip.

Umbrella Insurance: As the owner of a gas station or convenience store, your business faces a lot of potential liability. From customer injuries to employee accidents, all it takes is one catastrophic accident to exceed your policy’s liability limits. Umbrella insurance gives you extra protection when you need it most.

It’s hard not to think about what could go wrong. A hit and run in your parking lot. Food spoilage that turns into dozens of claims of food poisoning. Slips and falls. Robbery. Injured employees. But if you dwell on what could go wrong, you can’t run your gas station or convenience store the way you want. That’s where a strong gas station insurance policy comes in handy.

At Charlotte Insurance, we can put together a plan that covers you from known and unforeseen disasters so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn what your options are.

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