Protect your Coastal Home with the right insurance policy

Living on the coast offers a lot more than salty air and warm breezes. Coastal living is a lifestyle -- laid back, quiet, and peaceful. You’re closer to nature than most other people, and you can’t help but appreciate the natural beauty around you.

That’s why you own a home by the water. Whether you’re looking at the ocean from your porch or you’re a quick walk to the beach, there’s something special about living on the North Carolina coast.

But that doesn’t mean everything is always perfect. From hurricanes to winter storms to rising waters, your beautiful home and the lifestyle you love is often at risk. That’s why it’s important to have the right North Carolina coastal home insurance.

More Than the Standard Home Insurance

Living a coastal life as a homeowners means that the standard coverage won’t be enough. You need home insurance that protects you from the very real dangers you face.

Flood Insurance: It’s not included in your standard homeowners policy, so you’ll need to purchase flood insurance separately. As someone who loves the coast, you know how quickly waters can rise during a storm. Flood insurance helps you rebuild once the water recedes. Don’t count on FEMA to be there. Protect your home with the right insurance coverage.

Wind and Hail Insurance: When a wild North Carolina storm whips up, damage from wind and even hail is sure to follow. Your standard homeowners insurance policy may not offer enough -- or any -- coverage from wind or hail damage. Protect your beautiful coastal home with additional insurance. You can usually add it on as a rider to your existing home policy.

Umbrella Insurance: Sometimes it’s not the wind, storm, and damage you have to watch out for. When you invite people into your beautiful home, there’s always the risk of something going wrong. Umbrella insurance offers extra liability coverage in case of injury, property damage, or worse, lawsuits.

Protect Your Home from Risk

It’s impossible to prevent all risks, accidents, and storms -- especially on the coast. But you’ve made a big investment to live along the North Carolina coastline. The best thing you can do is to protect your investment and your family. The right home North Carolina coastal property insurance coverage will help you rebuild when the next storm blows through.

Contact Charlotte Insurance today for a free quote to make sure your coastal home is protected with the right kind and amount of home insurance.