Your business helps brides and grooms have the most beautiful, magical day of their lives. You get to be a part of a special moment. When everything goes well, you add to the memories couples cherish forever. When things go awry, more than the day is ruined. If you’re sued, your business could be financially ruined. That’s why your wedding business needs the right insurance.

Who needs wedding vendor insurance?

Any business that works with brides, grooms, wedding venues, wedding parties, or the ceremony needs insurance as a vendor, especially liability insurance. In most cases, the venue or location will require proof of liability coverage to be allowed on site. But it’s also a smart way to protect your business. Wedding vendors who need insurance include:

What kind of wedding vendor insurance do you need?

The specific policy you buy depends on what kind of service you provide for weddings and wedding parties. Every business that caters to the needs of brides and grooms need liability insurance, but beyond that, you may need more coverage.

General Liability: The most basic liability protection of all, general liability covers you if anyone suffers bodily injury or property damage while doing business with you. A tear in a wedding dress, a lost ring, food poisoning during the reception -- anything can happen. General liability pays for the damage and your legal costs if you’re sued.

Commercial Auto Insurance: If you transport goods, foods, or equipment to and from a wedding venue, make sure you have a commercial auto insurance policy. It’s bad enough to get into an auto accident while trying to bring flowers to the wedding. It’s worse if you or your driver caused the accident.

Errors & Omission: If the bride and groom rely on your advice and expertise in the planning of their wedding, you need to consider errors and omission (E&O) insurance. One bit of bad advice, and you could be liable for a wedding day gone horribly wrong.

Workers Compensation: Do you have employees who work with you, helping you set up for a wedding, bringing in materials and equipment, assisting you in the creation of your product? Make sure you have workers compensation insurance. It’s not a luxury, but a requirement in North Carolina, and it helps you if an employee sues after their injury.

Umbrella Insurance: You can do everything possible to protect yourself from financial liability during a wedding, including buying a robust liability insurance policy, and it still may not be enough. Give yourself extra protection from major wedding disasters with an umbrella policy.

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