High Risk Concert Insurance

While Charlotte Insurance loves to write all types of Concert and Special Event insurance, we specialize in high risk events like grunge, hip-hop/rap, and metal concerts.

Concerts are fun for everyone who attends. From the music they love to the viral moment when a performer does something amazing, concert-goers have a blast, make memories, and look forward to the next show.

But as an event planner, you know all too well the risks of putting on any concert, especially grunge, metal, hip-hop, and rap. All those people in one place is a potential recipe for damage, injury, and lawsuits.

Your event needs high risk concert insurance to protect your company, the performer, and everyone associated with the event from the financial ruin of an accident and the lawsuit that follows.

What kinds of high-risk concerts are covered?

Any special event needs good liability coverage, but we specialize in insuring three types of high-risk concert.

Grunge Concert Insurance

Grunge music was popularized by acts like Nirvana back in the 1990s, and people continue to enjoy the genre and go to concerts as often as they can. From the amount of equipment to the large crowds, there’s plenty of room for injury and damage.

Hip-Hop and Rap Concert Insurance

While the vast majority of hip-hop and rap artists take their music and performances seriously, concerts aren’t without some risk. Crowds go wild when they see their favorite performers like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Drake, and more. The bigger the crowd, the more liability you may face if something goes wrong.

Metal Concert Insurance

The groups that headline metal concerts may have changed over the years, but the headbanging and exuberant groups of concert-goers hasn’t. Names like Metallica and Megadeth may be a blast from the past, but still they’re putting out new music and drawing massive crowds while touring stadiums. When metalheads go to a concert, make sure your event has plenty of liability coverage.

What’s included in high risk concert insurance?

All concert insurance policies can be customized for your event, but the most basic will cover major areas of liability you face whenever you plan a concert:

  • General liability for bodily injury and property damage to third parties
  • Liquor liability for the alcohol served during the event and any accidents that happen as a result of alcohol consumption
  • Auto liability for staff and technicians who get into an accident while driving company vehicles or on the company’s behalf.

Liability protection helps you pay the medical costs for people who suffer injuries during or because of the concert. Property damage is also covered. More importantly, you’re covered if someone decides to sue for damages.

Other liability coverage options include:

  • Advertising liability
  • Cancellation for weather or performer illness
  • Set up and take down
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Participant legal liability
  • Rented equipment
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Additional insured
  • And much more

Policies can be purchased for a single event or a series of events over the course of a year.

If your organization is bringing a concert to the area, make sure you have the right kind and type of high-risk concert insurance. With the amount of people your event will bring in, something is bound to go wrong. Make sure your liability coverage can protect you when it does.

Contact Charlotte Insurance today to discuss your coverage options.