If you are in a higher income bracket in Charlotte you have special needs for insurance. In addition, your risks are considerably greater than the average person and you should consider an independent insurance agency that provides private client services. In fact, these types of services can make a huge difference, when it comes to protecting your financial well-being. Here is an example.

Dan R worked hard for a long time to get where he is at today. It took many years of dedication and sacrifice but he was beginning to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He and his wife Melanie had just finished building a custom home in Charlotte and they spared no expense when it came to decorating. Naturally, Dan wanted to make sure his beautiful estate was properly insured but he figured his agent knew enough to provide the best kind of protection.

One day, Dan was took his car in for an oil change and he talked to a man about insurance in the waiting area of the garage. The man explained he was an independent insurance agent and also offered risk management services. Although Dan had several insurance policies he hadn't given a great deal of thought to personal risk management, so he made an appointment to see the man the following week.

Dan and the agent went over his insurance needs, and Dan soon realized he didn't have the right kind of homeowners insurance. For example, his home was not protected from sewer backups, his umbrella insurance policy was not sufficient, and neither was his coverage for hurricanes and tropical storms. Dan decided to change agencies and this was one of the smartest decisions he could make.

Six months later, Dan and Melanie went on an extended vacation and their home was hit by a sudden storm. In fact, a tornado touched down between North and South Carolina and it did extensive damage to their house, classic car and yacht. When Dan contacted his insurance agent, the agent told him everything would be taken care of. Dan had someone to help him through the entire claims process and since he bought the right kind of high net worth insurance, the home and grounds were as good as new within a few months time. Had Dan not changed his insurance, he would have suffered some major losses.


Private services are much more than standard insurance services. You have an experienced independent insurance agent (who is a risk management professional) on your side. This is especially important for those in the upper income brackets. For example, some of your investments or holdings may be more than a standard insurance policy can cover.


Is your income in the six figures or more? Do you have a luxury home, luxury autos, and other possessions? Do you own the following?

  • Yacht
  • Antiques
  • Collectable items
  • Aircraft
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Extensive landscape
  • Multiple houses

If so, you need special insurance and an agent who understands personal risk management.


Since your financial situation is unique, so are your insurance needs. However, here are some common features you should consider:

  • Replacement cost coverage for your home
  • Extra liability protection for home and auto insurance
  • Named peril homeowner coverage - this lists hazards covered by your insurance, so you know exactly what is and what is not covered.
  • Umbrella insurance - you should have at least 10 million dollars in coverage.


Once you sit down with your agent you can discuss the many options available. Here are some you may need to consider:

  • Yacht insurance - should include high liability limits
  • Aviation insurance - this can include a home hangar.
  • Personal excess liability insurance - can be as much as 100 million.
  • All risk coverage - instead of named peril you can choose to be covered for all risks not mentioned in the policy.
  • Cash settlement option (home insurance)
  • Special features coverage - things like wine cellars, home theaters, or other things. Expensive antiques and jewelry may also be included.
  • Vacation homes


We have been serving North and South Carolina for over 20 years and we understand the needs of our clients. We have a great deal of experience with high net worth individuals and as an independent agency we have access to the best insurers. For example, we do business with Chubb, AIG, Auto Owners, Fireman's Fund, and ACE.

In addition to insurance, we are there to help you with personal risk management issues. It's more than just insuring your home, life, and auto. Charlotte Insurance helps you protect all your assets and when you need to file a claim, we are there with you to make sure your losses are compensated.

You have worked hard for what you have and we work hard to make sure you keep everything. Safeguarding your financial security is our main goal, and we can help you get the right protection for your needs. You will enjoy customized protection for your future.

Your assets may not be fully protected if you don't have a risk management professional on your team. You can call us at (704) 552-5888 for more information.

The Importance of Private Client Services in Charlotte