When you opened up your bodyshop, you did it because you wanted to work on cars, fix up old trucks, and work with your hands. You probably weren’t dreaming of liability claims, on-the-job injuries, and accidentally denting a customer’s classic car.

Your specialty is the vehicles you work on. Ours is insurance. At Charlotte Insurance, we can help you protect your shop so you can focus on doing what you love.

Whether you run a bodyshop or a repair shop, we can help you find the insurance coverage that makes sense for your business.

Garage Liability Insurance: You know how a busy garage can be. A little chaotic, filled with tools and equipment, the occasional spill of something greasy on the shop floor. It’s almost too easy for a customer or non-employee to slip and fall or have their property damaged. Liability coverage helps pay for the damage and covers you in a lawsuit.

Garagekeepers: It’s the nature of the business to have vehicles sit in the shop or parking lot for an hour, a day, or even longer. You’re responsible for it while you have it, which means if a vehicle is damaged, you have to pay for the fix. That’s where garagekeepers coverage comes in. It covers the cost of physical damage to vehicles in your keeping.

Commercial Property Insurance: To run your shop, you need a building, equipment, and plenty of tools. If any of those are damaged by storm, fire, or other disasters, you can’t do business. Property insurance helps you recover from the physical damage for all of your business property -- the building, tools, equipment, and computers.

Commercial Auto Insurance: If your body shop or garage has a tow truck, delivers vehicles, or uses personal vehicles for business, this is one insurance coverage you can’t skip. Commercial auto insurance offers more liability coverage than personal auto insurance. More importantly, personal auto insurance won’t take care of you if your accident occurred while you were driving for business purposes -- yes, even if it was just a quick errand.

Workers' Compensation Insurance: As careful as your employees are and as safe as you keep the shop, it’s inevitable that someone will get hurt on the job. Workers' compensation insurance is a legal requirement, but it also makes good business sense. Your employees are compensated for their lost wages and medical expenses, and you’re covered if someone tries to sue.

Umbrella Insurance: All it takes is one big accident to blow right through your liability policy limits. Anything your insurance doesn’t cover becomes your financial responsibility. Spend a little extra and give yourself more liability coverage to protect your business from those once-in-a-lifetime accidents. The cost is minimal compared to other coverages but the peace of mind is priceless.

Your job is to fix cars and trucks, get motorcycles back on the road, and make an old vehicle look new again. Protect your bodyshop business with the right insurance coverage so you can focus on doing what you love. Contact Charlotte Insurance today for a free quote!

Questions? Contact our Commercial Lines Insurance Specialist,
Markos Keller at 704-945-2320 or mkeller@charlotteinsurance.com.