South Carolina Coastal Property Insurance

When you bought your home on the South Carolina coast, you wanted a few things -- the salt air, the cool breezes, and the coastal lifestyle. But you also know that this life comes hurricanes, winter storms, rain, hail, and much more.

No one lives on the coast lightly. The good days outweigh the stormy days, and the view you enjoy certainly makes up for those times when the weather won’t cooperate. But you also know the risks of owning property in Myrtle Beach, Pawleys Island, and beyond.

Living the South Carolina coastal life means protecting your home with the right home insurance.

You Need More than Basic Home Insurance

With the unique perils the coastline faces, your home needs more than a basic home insurance policy. Talk to your independent insurance agent about your coverage to make sure there are no gaps.

Wind and Hail Insurance: Wind and hail is no stranger to South Carolina, thanks to the storms that can be whipped up by the Atlantic. Most basic home insurance policies don’t cover damage from wind or hail. Make sure you have the coverage to protect your coastal home. Typically, you only need to add it on as an additional rider to your existing homeowners policy.

Flood Insurance: No standard home insurance policy, in South Carolina or anywhere, includes flood insurance. You have to buy it through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and we can help. You’re no stranger to rising waters living this close to the coast. Flood insurance is there once the water recedes so you can pick up the pieces left behind.

Umbrella Insurance: You care about your home and your family. It’s why you buy insurance in the first place. Sometimes even a great policy isn’t enough to protect you against big liability claims. From guests or service providers, if someone enters your home or property and gets hurt, you’re liable for their expenses. All it takes is one big accident to cause financial devastation. An umbrella insurance policy protects you.

Protect Your Home from Risk

You can’t predict how big a storm will be or where it will land, but one thing is certain. Living on the South Carolina coast brings big storms and potential damage. You don’t have to give up your coastal lifestyle to avoid danger. Just make sure you have enough of the right South Carolina Coastal home insurance protection so you can recover from any storm that heads your way.

Contact Charlotte Insurance today for a free quote to make sure your South Carolina coastal home is protected with the right kind and amount of home insurance.