To be perfectly protected by your insurance coverage you need an expert who is committed to constantly reviewing the risks of the commercial real estate industry—and responding with the highest quality insurance coverage and service, strengthening your ability to operate efficiently.

At Charlotte Insurance we pride ourselves on being exactly that expert. With an agency owner who is also a commercial real estate broker, we bring a wealth of extensive, first-hand experience and knowledge to the table—qualities that are most helpful in the very distinct real estate community.

Here at Charlotte Insurance we believe in making it easy for our clients to get the sophisticated, specific coverage they need—exactly why we aim to bring you the most inclusive commercial real estate insurance packages, guaranteed to accurately take into consideration the unique risks you face.

Whether you manage an office building, restaurant, retail outlet, condo association, warehouse and beyond—we can provide customized insurance packages that not only result in better protection but also produce credits and lower premiums. Our bundled coverages proactively help you match the exact protection needed for your property and your professional needs, while also helping to minimize gaps and overlaps in coverage.

Our commercial real estate packages can include an individually-tailored, combination of the following protections:

  • Personal Property
  • General Liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • And more…

We work hard to make our coverage options as flexible and customizable as possible—all while striving to get you the best coverage at the lowest possible premiums.

A commercial real estate broker specializing in commercial real estate has to be the best choice for your next insurance quote! Contact, Charlotte Insurance today for more information on our comprehensive commercial real estate insurance packages!