Dealer Plate Insurance: Ensuring Compliance and Coverage for Test Drives

Written By Charlotte Insurance on May 16, 2024. It has 0 comments.

vehicles on a dealer's lot, protected with dealer plate insurance

Automotive dealers have a lot to keep track of. They not only have to manage their employees, work with customers, stay in contact with lenders, and track their inventory, but they also need to ensure that they have the right insurance policies in place should something happen to any of the above. While some of […]

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Theft and Vandalism: Protecting Your Dealership’s Inventory

Written By Charlotte Insurance on April 22, 2024. It has 0 comments.

a person breaking into a car at a car dealership

Car theft is on the rise, and dealerships are not immune to this problematic type of thievery. In fact, nowadays, many car thieves aren’t just stealing an individual car out of a person’s driveway. Instead, they are increasingly working in groups to steal many cars at once in a sophisticated manner. There are plenty of […]

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