Mitigating Risks for Summer Car Shows and Dealer Sponsored Events

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Mitigating Risks for Summer Car Shows and Dealer Sponsored Events

There’s nothing more fun and exciting than a summer car show for a true car enthusiast. Owners of classic vehicles bring them out and put them on full display. There are usually food vendors and craftspeople, and attendees get to walk around, gawk at cool cars, and have a good time. Well, let’s be honest – it’s a good time for them.

The owner of the dealership that sponsors the car show and is allowing it on their property has quite a few things to worry about. Thankfully, many of those worries can be mitigated with the right insurance policies. So, here’s what you should consider before hosting the next event at your dealership.

General Liability Insurance

No matter how hard you try to avoid them, accidents happen, especially at summer car shows. In order to avoid having to pay for costly medical bills, repairs to vintage cars, and more out of pocket, you’ll need to have a general liability insurance policy in place.

How does this work? For example, let’s say that you’re hosting a car show at your dealership. Yes, all of the vintage cars have their own insurance policies in place, but you could be held liable if someone accidentally trips, falls, and scratches one of the cars. Not only could your dealership be sued for the damage to the vehicle, but you could also be hit for the broken ankle that the person received when they tripped over a crack in your asphalt. General liability insurance could prevent you from having to pay for any of this out of pocket.

Umbrella Insurance

The main issue with general liability insurance is the fact that it has limitations. You can only take out a policy that’s worth so much, which is problematic when you’re hosting a vintage car show filled with potentially expensive and irreplaceable cars. What happens when a sign falls on that one-of-a-kind car? Your general liability policy may not be enough to cover the gaps. This is where an umbrella insurance policy comes into play. These policies cover things that a standard liability policy won’t because they have higher coverage amounts. It’s good to have one in place just in case, as you can’t control everything.

Auto and Physical Damage Coverage

While you may not have the vehicles that are for sale from your dealership on display, you might want to include them in the mix. After all, this is a clever way to get a potential sale! If you do decide to do so, then you’ll need to ensure that you have both auto and physical damage coverage on them, just in case. There’s nothing worse than having them damaged by someone attending the event or taking a test drive. This is your inventory after all.

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