Personal Cyber Insurance: A New Coverage Worth Considering

Written By Charlotte Insurance on April 22, 2021. It has 0 comments.

a person typing on their laptop, researching their personal cyber insurance options

You likely hear a similar refrain of advice on a frequent basis, either from family and friends or on social media: Don’t click a link in an email from an address you don’t recognize. Be careful about what sites you shop from. Avoid logging into your bank or financial service sites on public WiFi. Where […]

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April Showers Bring May…Flooding

Written By Charlotte Insurance on April 20, 2021. It has 0 comments.

a multi colored umbrella getting rained on.

Scroll through the news on your phone or turn on the evening news during dinner before or during a storm, and you’ll hear the same thing: Warnings about potential flooding. In November 2020, Charlotte was hit with historic and deadly flooding. In late March 2021, forecasters warned of flash floods and other dangers after a […]

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Preparing Your Home for Windy Weather

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an uprooted tree due to high winds

Storm winds cause more than half of all reported damage after a storm, according to the NOAA. Damage sustained to a home can be costly and devastating. Protect your home by preparing it for potential high winds and storms before they hit. Check for Necessary Repairs Routine maintenance around your home can help prevent unnecessary […]

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Disaster Preparedness for Every Homeowner

Written By Charlotte Insurance on October 27, 2020. It has 0 comments.

a home on fire amidst a natural disaster

No one wants to think a disaster will ever happen to them, but storms, fires, and other dangers can strike out of nowhere. To keep your family and your same safe, prepare early for potential disasters. Here’s what you need to know as a homeowner. Identify Potential Hazards Certain hazards are common to everyone, regardless […]

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The Importance of Property Maintenance

Written By Charlotte Insurance on June 23, 2020. It has 0 comments.

a homeowner who understands the importance of property maintenance

In the event of a homeowners insurance claim, it’s important to be able to show that your property was being actively maintained before the issue started, otherwise the claim may be denied. Here’s what you need to know about property maintenance and maintaining good records. Schedule Regular Services and Maintenance To help prevent problems before […]

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Spring Home Maintenance

Written By Charlotte Insurance on March 17, 2020. It has 0 comments.

somehow tackling some home maintenance tasks

Now that the winter weather is on its way out the door (minus those last minute cold snaps, of course), it’s time to turn your attention to spring. Not just the beautiful weather and the fun to be had outdoors. It’s also a good time to take care of spring home maintenance, especially as the […]

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Importance of Having All of Your Policies with a Single Agency

Written By Charlotte Insurance on March 12, 2020. It has 0 comments.

a woman meeting with her independent insurance agent

Does keeping up with your insurance policies, renewal dates, and payments feel like major hassles? Do you ever wonder if you’re really getting the best price? Are you tired of calling multiple companies to settle one claim? It may be time to move your insurance to a single independent insurance agency who can handle all […]

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What You Need to Know About Insuring Your NC or SC Coastal Home

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a row of coastal homes in the carolinas in need of home insurance coverage

The coast is a beautiful place to live. It offers a unique lifestyle that no other part of the Carolinas does, but it’s also considered a high-risk area for homeowners. Homes are more susceptible to certain storm-related perils than the rest of the state — wind, hail, and floods. Even when a storm doesn’t make […]

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