Home Insurance Inspections: What to Expect

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Sometimes your insurance company will insist on doing an inspection of your home prior to a home insurance policy renewal. They may also want to conduct an inspection if you’ve just bought a new home to make sure that everything is in good condition before your new policy kicks in. There are generally two parts of these home insurance inspections, and you can expect a number of different things to occur before, during, and afterwards.

Wondering what to your home insurance inspection will include? Here’s a quick breakdown of the process.

Why Are Home Inspections Conducted?

There are two main reasons why an insurance company might conduct a home inspection. The first is to make sure that you have enough coverage to replace the home should something, like a fire or storm, damage it. The second is to ensure that your home is in good condition and is worthy of being insured.

A Home Inspection Appointment

In most cases, a representative from your insurance company won’t just show up unannounced. Instead, they’ll make an appointment to meet with you at your home for the inspection. Even if they’re conducting an exterior examination only, they’ll still let you know when they’re going to be present. This way, you won’t have to wonder why a random person is walking around the outside of your home.

There Are Two Types of Inspections

When it comes to home insurance inspections, there are two types that your agent may request. They could ask for an exterior inspection only or a combination of both an interior and an exterior inspection. These are defined as expected, with the insurance company representative looking for a number of different things during each.

  • Exterior Inspection – During an exterior inspection, the representative looks over a number of different things on the outside of your home. They’ll examine the roof and the outer part of the basement, making sure that the foundation is intact. If you have parts of your HVAC system outside, like an air conditioning unit, they’ll look over it as well. In addition, your windows, exterior doors, lighting systems, gutters, and even your chimney, if you have one, will be inspected as well.
  • Interior Inspection – An interior inspection requires the representative to go over many of the crucial structures inside of your home. They’ll look at your ceilings, walls, and floors to ensure that all are in good condition. The inside of your windows, especially around the frames, will be inspected, as will your plumbing system and your interior HVAC components. The insurance inspector will look at your attic and eaves, as well as your appliance, and they’ll ask about things like home security systems and your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

What if Issues Are Found?

If the inspector finds any issues during the home insurance inspection, you’ll be given a certain time period in which to correct them. If you’re unable to do so, your home insurance might be cancelled or the amount that you’re insured for might be lowered dramatically. It’s best to fix any issues that arise in order to make sure that your home stays insured for what it’s worth.

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