Celebrate Insurance Awareness Day

Written By Charlotte Insurance on June 25, 2019. It has 0 comments.

a man reading about insurance awareness day

If the only time you think about insurance is when you need to file a claim, you’re not alone. Most people would prefer not to think about it at all. But your policy, whether auto, home, renters, or life, is such a crucial way to protect yourself that it’s not something to forget about completely. […]

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4 Overlooked Ways Your Business Could Be Saving Money

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spreadsheet belonging to a business trying to save money

As a business owner, you know you need to run a lean operation to maximize profits. When spending outpaces income, it’s common to want to make big changes. But cutting staff or reducing business hours often only hurts your bottomline. You can save money in multiple ways that you might not have considered yet. Consolidate […]

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Does Your Small Business Need to Be Bonded?

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a charlotte contractor in need of a bond.

You’ve heard of companies that are licensed, insured, and bonded. Have you wondered if your own small business should be too? It helps to understand what a bond is and how it can help your business. What is a Bond? A bond is a guarantee between three parties: you, a customer or client that you’ve […]

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Organizing Your Home Office

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A home office, much like the guest room it likely used to be, are often where people stack things and say, “I’ll deal with it later.” Now that it’s the start of a new year, consider this “later.” Make a fresh start with an organized home office. Not only will you feel better about it, but if you work from home, you’ll be more productive, too.

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How to Prepare your Business for an Emergency

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When you decided you would become a small business owner, the biggest worry you had was probably finding the right building, how to pay your employees, or if customers would buy your product. Over time, those things are still concerns, but now you probably think more about whether sales will continue to grow or if you can expand to a new location or hire another person to help out.

What many business owners don’t think about, until it’s too late, is how they’ll handle emergencies and disasters that might hit their business. Recent flooding in Louisiana and hurricane worries on the coast should remind us all that big storms and other emergencies can happen at any point.

Is your business ready for an emergency?

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4 Small Business Insurance Myths

Written By Charlotte Insurance on August 2, 2016. It has 0 comments.

As a small business owner, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to save money, stretch a dollar, and increase your profits. We’re all for cutting out unnecessary expenses, but your insurance isn’t an area that you should skimp on.

Take a look at a few common small business insurance myths and make sure you understand exactly what kind of insurance coverage you do and don’t have.

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5 Reasons You Need Business Insurance

Written By Charlotte Insurance on July 26, 2016. It has 0 comments.

You’ve got a solid business plan. Your budget, financial projections, and marketing plan are current. Your plans have contingency plans.

Basically, you’ve thought of everything, planned for everything, and can’t imagine anything surprising you.

Think again.

If you don’t have business insurance because you think you’re ready for anything or because you’ve calculated the odds of something happening, you could be in for a big shock. It only takes one freak accident or one random lawsuit to ruin a business.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these 5 reasons you need to insure your business.

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What you Need to Know About Data Breaches

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Data breaches are inevitable. Could your business be next?
We’re living in the most technologically advanced time in history. There’s more computing power in our smartphone than what was used to send men to the moon. Buying products or services can be done at the touch of a button or the scan of a screen.

The world has gone digital, and so has our data. Because of this, data breaches are common and inevitable.

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6 Overlooked Business Insurance Policies

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 27, 2016. It has 0 comments.

In business, anything can happen at anytime. Someone can get hurt. An angry employee may sue. Your database may be hacked. Not everything will be covered by your basic business insurance policy. Before you’re faced with major headaches, skyrocketing expenses, and unplanned perils, find out what kind of insurance you may need that you overlooked in the past.

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Start the New Year Off Right with an Account Review

Written By Charlotte Insurance on December 21, 2015. It has 0 comments.

The new year is a time to set new goals, make new plans, and dream new dreams. It’s also a time to get yourself on the right track for the year ahead. Having the right insurance policies in place is an excellent way to make sure that, when life happens (and it will), you’re covered.

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