Multi-Family Housing and Apartments Insurance Guide

Written By Charlotte Insurance on March 14, 2022. It has 0 comments.

A Guide for Insurance for Multi-Family Housing and Apartments

Own a property you want to develop for multi-family housing? Thinking of investing in rental property as a business opportunity? The market might be hot, and this may be an excellent business venture for your financial future. But if you don’t have the right kind and amount of insurance, you could lose everything in one […]

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Insurance for Dental Offices – A Comprehensive Guide

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Insurance for Dental Offices - A Comprehensive Guide

When you became a dentist, you did it to help people have beautiful smiles and healthy mouths. As you well know, oral health is a window into the overall health of the body. What you probably didn’t think about was the business of running a dental practice. As fulfilling as the work can be, it […]

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How COVID-19 is Changing Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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a "workers' compensation insurance" sign

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has changed everything, including how you run your business. From when you’re open to how you conduct business, the impact of the pandemic has been overwhelming. That impact includes workers’ compensation insurance. If you’ve had more employees file claims than in the past, you’re not alone. Here’s how things are […]

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Want to Lower Your Workers Comp Costs? Lower Your Experience Mod.

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two construction workers holding a paper and discussing ways to lower their workers' compensation insurance experience mod.

One of the most important costs for any business is often considered the one most out of your control — workers’ compensation insurance. You have more control than you realize. You just have to know what impacts your overall costs. With workers’ compensation, the most important factor in your premium is your experience mod. To […]

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Why Lawn Care Companies Need Insurance

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a Charlotte landscaper that needs insurance

In an ideal world, accidents never happen, mistakes are never made, and everyone is happy, healthy, and has a beautiful home to enjoy. Unfortunately, we’re only human, and even lawn care companies fall victim to accidents from time to time. Damaged property, stolen equipment, or employee and customer injuries can be mitigated but never entirely […]

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Misclassifying Employees: A Risk Not Worth Taking

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Misclassifying your employees as independent contractors can seem pretty tempting. You’ll pay less in federal and state taxes and for your workers’ compensation insurance. In the short term it might seem like a great cost-saver and way to increase your bottom line. But in the end, it’s really a terrible idea. Here’s why you shouldn’t misclassify employees — no matter how tempted you might be.

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Workers Compensation Ghost Policies

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Inexpensive Charlotte workers compensation insurance coverage sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? For small business owners with no employees, who are typically exempt from workers compensation, it can be a lifesaver – or at the very least, a business-saver.

Ghost policies are a type of workers comp coverage that satisfies mandated requirements for single proprietors or self-employed business owners. When a job requires coverage but you are exempt from needing workers compensation, ghost policies step in to fill the gap at a lower cost. The only thing ghost policies do is fill a requirement for a company or government entity that might be hiring contractors. They don’t provide any actual coverage.

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