The Impact of Workplace Safety on Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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The Impact of Workplace Safety on Workers' Compensation Insurance

Every business that employs people other than the owners should have workers’ compensation insurance. Workplace injuries happen when you least expect it, and you need to not only make sure that your business is covered should an employee break a leg on a slippery floor or injure themselves on a piece of machinery, but that your workers are covered as well. After all, workers’ compensation assists them as well.

With that said, if you want to lower your workers’ compensation premiums, there’s no better way than a workplace safety program. How does one work? Can it really help prevent injuries? Read on to learn everything that you need to know about these preventative programs.

What is a Workplace Safety Program?

Any employer who’s trying to save money on their workers’ compensation insurance by ensuring that their jobsite remains injury-free should put together a workplace safety program. These programs consist of putting up flyers and other visual reminders of safety procedures, holding safety meetings, and making your workers accountable for each other as far as safety is concerned. By making sure that your workers are properly trained and follow safety procedures, your workplace safety program can be a success.

Ensuring Safety Equipment is in Place

On top of holding training sessions and meetings about the importance of not cutting corners and making sure that things are done carefully and properly, you, the employer, need to make sure that they have all of the safety equipment that they need. In addition to having the right equipment, you need to make sure that your team knows how to properly use it. If someone needs additional safety equipment, you have to provide it. By setting up a culture where employees don’t have to worry about not having the safety equipment that they need, you’re showing them that you care about their well-being.

How Does This Effect Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Your workers’ compensation insurance rates are tied to a number of things. They include:

  • The Dangers in the Workplace – Warehouses and factories where injuries are more likely to occur will pay higher rates than standard offices filled with white-collar jobs.
  • Injury Rates – When more of your workers get injured on the job and have to call in claims, your workers’ compensation rates will rise as well.
  • Safety Precautions Taken – If you have a workplace safety program that’s actually followed, then you won’t have as many injuries as in the past, and your insurance rates will go down.

As you can see, the number of injuries in the workplace and your insurance rates are tied together. When you put a workplace safety program into place, your employees will be more careful on the job, and you’ll see that injury rate shrink. You just need to make sure that your workers are doing their jobs cautiously and carefully while using the goggles, gloves, and other PPE items that you provided. This is what makes workplace safety programs a success.

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