Should you Allow Cameras in your Nursing Home?

Written By Charlotte Insurance on September 29, 2015. It has 0 comments.

Nearly every day a worried child, spouse, or guardian calls your office to discuss their mother, husband, or other relative. Someone fell or bumped into a wall or chair, but in the confused minds of some of your residents, they believe they were pushed. Sometimes, sadly, they were.

Angry and scared loved ones demand answers. Most of the time, it was an accident or a slip. Sometimes, all you have is one employee’s word against a resident. As someone who runs a nursing home, you know your staff is excellent, hard working, and caring. What do you do if a resident or their family wants to place a security camera in their room? Is it something you should add to your facilities?

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Lower your Risk by Keeping Policy and Procedure Documents Up-to-Date

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Operating any business comes with a certain amount of risk and reward. Working with people of any age, especially those who need medical services, increases both the risks and the rewards.

The biggest reward is knowing that you’ve helped someone. The biggest risk is often from injury-causing accidents.

You didn’t go into the business of helping the elderly to cause any harm. The opposite is true. Whether it’s a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or even a retirement community, you opened your doors to help our aging population.

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