Why Lawn Care Companies Need Insurance

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a Charlotte landscaper that needs insurance

In an ideal world, accidents never happen, mistakes are never made, and everyone is happy, healthy, and has a beautiful home to enjoy. Unfortunately, we’re only human, and even lawn care companies fall victim to accidents from time to time. Damaged property, stolen equipment, or employee and customer injuries can be mitigated but never entirely prevented. Protecting your assets and yourself is imperative. Let’s find out how.

What is Landscapers Insurance?

Landscapers insurance can help protect your Charlotte landscaping company today and in the future. This insurance, like others, prevents exposure to risk that can lead to financial loss or bankruptcy. Landscapers insurance lets you focus on getting the job done right without stressing over losing your business through something outside of your control.

In Charlotte, landscapers insurance costs vary depending on the type of coverage that you need. Exposure to different facets of landscaping can increase or decrease the type of coverage required for operation. For example, hardscaping can present hazards, like a collapsing structure, that you can be liable for. As a result, your premium will be more than a small company that only does lawn mowing and edging. Businesses with more employees tend to pay higher premiums as well as each additional exposure increases the likelihood of injury.

What Lawn Care Insurance Policies Do I Need?

General Liability Insurance: All lawn care businesses should start with a general liability policy. It covers bodily injury, property damage, and other liabilities. Many clients consider this a requirement even to begin work. For example, if you’re riding along on your mower and misjudge a turn and end up breaking a fence or another object in the yard, you’re liable for the cost of those damages. A general liability policy will protect your business from that cost. It also protects against losses associated with injuries to customers.

Commercial Property Insurance: Just like any trade, your tools are your livelihood. Without them, you can’t get the job done. So what if something happens to them? For example, you might have all of your equipment stored in a garage. If a fire starts and damages or destroys your equipment, you’ll be covered by property insurance, and you can get back to work with minimum downtime.

Business Owners Policy (BOP): This is a policy bundle that combines general liability and commercial property insurance. The combination comes at a lower premium for those who qualify.

Commercial Auto Insurance: If you’re moving large equipment from job to job, chances are you’re bringing along a pick-up or utility trailer. As we all know, accidents on the road happen. To ensure your vehicle and your equipment are covered on the way to a job, you need commercial auto insurance. More importantly, it pays for any resulting medical bills.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: When you work with heavy machinery, especially those designed to cut or dig into the ground, there’s a risk for injuries to occur. Whether it’s minor damage or a severe injury, you need to protect workers who get injured or fall ill on the job. Most states require you to purchase this insurance if you have employees.

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