Theft and Vandalism: Protecting Your Dealership’s Inventory

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a person breaking into a car at a car dealership

Car theft is on the rise, and dealerships are not immune to this problematic type of thievery. In fact, nowadays, many car thieves aren’t just stealing an individual car out of a person’s driveway. Instead, they are increasingly working in groups to steal many cars at once in a sophisticated manner. There are plenty of stories in the news about car theft rings breaking into closed dealerships, finding the key lockboxes, and making off with multiple expensive cars all at once.

So, how can you prevent this from happening to your own dealership? Here are several ways to protect your dealership’s livelihood and your inventory.

Install a Security System

Security systems are very sophisticated these days. They usually consist of wireless cameras that can be set up throughout your lot and connect to a central app and the security company. By placing these cameras throughout your lot and combining them with motion-sensor lights, you’ll deter most thieves. Plus, the ones who aren’t easily scared off will find themselves clearly on camera, providing plenty of footage for the police.

Keep the Expensive Models Indoors

Usually, car dealerships have a wide variety of inventory at numerous price points. It makes sense to keep the most expensive models, as well as those likely to be targeted by car thieves, inside of the building if possible. If this isn’t possible, then placing extra security precautions on them, like additional alarms, is helpful.

Hire a Security Guard

A security company has one task: to keep your car lot and everything on it safe and secure. This extra layer of security will deter most thieves, making the expense well worth it. Whether you choose to only have security at night when the dealership is closed or all of the time, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Thoroughly Vet Your Employees

Yes, you probably do background checks on your employees already, but looking into their pasts a little more deeply is always a good idea. Many large, multiple car thefts are insides jobs, so having trusted, well-vetted employees can prevent this from happening.

Set Up a Code Changing System

How often do you currently change your security codes? It’s a good idea to switch them up every 30 days, just in case someone has managed to figure out your system. Changing them is a minor task, but it has a big payoff when thieves aren’t able to break in using old codes.

Make Sure That You Have the Right Insurance Policies

When it comes to protecting your dealership, you need to do everything that you can, and that includes having the right insurance policies in place. It helps knowing that every car on your lot is properly insured, as are your buildings, computers, and other things necessary for making the business run. This is not an expense that should be overlooked.

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