Welcome to Huntersville, NC! This large suburban town is located within Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. When you purchase a home here, you’ll consistently bask in a beautiful location that helms amazing job ventures with national and international companies such as Metrolina Greenhouses, Novant Health, Rubbermaid, and Pactiv Corporation among many others. This town is also home to several high-rated school systems, perfect for those moving with a family or a plan to start one. Huntersville is one of the safest places to live, work and play. If you're looking for Huntersville home insurance, you're in the right place.

The following are the different types of insurance we offer to keep you protected at the highest levels and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

 Huntersville Home Insurance

Our Huntersville home insurance policies are designed to protect all your assets and property. In order to obtain an insurance plan that encompasses all your needs, we shop dozens of different carriers for you through our highly rated insurance carriers. This way, you grab the perfect coverage package with great features like:

  • Physical home structure coverage
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Personal possessions coverage
  • Additional living expenses coverage (for natural disasters, i.e. hurricanes)
  • Liability coverage

Do you need additional coverage specific to your family’s needs? Simply ask us about our supplemental package opportunities. Based on your current location, we recommend the following:

Coastal Property Insurance

Since part of Huntersville is located on the coast of Lake Norman, you may want to consider one of our coastal property insurance policies. Living on the water is a beautiful, relaxing way to spend your days. However, one bad storm can put your home at risk and result in expensive damages, which is why you need the right Huntersville home insurance policy. You may want to consider the following protection:

Flood Insurance- This will not be included in a standard Huntersville home insurance policy, but it is a must for those who choose to live on the water. Flood waters are one of the leading causes of damage to a home, especially in the wake of a storm. Flood insurance will help you rebuild after the water recedes from your property, helping you to rebuild your home long after the storm disappears.

Wind and Hail Insurance- During most bad storms, wind and hail is inevitable, and these elements are known for causing extreme damage to homes. Simply add this extra coverage to your standard home policy for extra security.

Umbrella Insurance- When it rains, it pours, and that’s when the umbrellas come into play. If something goes seriously wrong, umbrella insurance supplies you with extra liability coverage in case of injury, property damage, or lawsuits that require your immediate attention.  

High Value Home Insurance

Huntersville is host to many gorgeous homes that may require a higher replacement value than a standard insurance policy covers. A Huntersville home insurance policy custom tailored to your high value home will bridge any gaps between regular insurance replacement costs and the actual value of your home, which will allow you to fully rebuild or replace anything you may have lost.

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