Delivery Insurance for Restaurants

Restaurants Exposed to Massive Lawsuits if There is a Food Delivery Accident and They are not Properly Covered

You’re in a tough position as a restaurant owner during these unprecedented times. Not only do you have to follow local, state, and federal guidelines about business closures and seating limitations, but you also have to maintain a business you’ve worked hard to build. The future of your business -- and your staff -- rely on you to be flexible and adapt to the new normal.

The Coronavirus has driven many dine-in only restaurants into a new reality -- delivery service. Making sure you can deliver orders to your customers is absolutely necessary to keeping your doors open. But you’ve probably never had to think of the specific insurance needs for delivery service -- Hire and Non-Owned Auto (HNOA) coverage.

To stay afloat and serve their local communities, too many restaurants owners across the country are exposing themselves to massive losses, potential claims, and devastating lawsuits. How? If your delivery driver gets into an accident, you’ll be the one liable. The typical restaurant insurance package doesn’t cover delivery, but most restaurant owners don’t realize it.

Charlotte Insurance now offers HNOA Coverage at an affordable rate for a short-term basis, giving you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on your business during these trying times.

What is HNOA coverage?

HNOA insurance is a form of commercial auto insurance that protects your restaurant and your delivery drivers if there’s an auto accident. The vehicles your employees drive cannot be owned by your company. If they are, they need to be covered by a commercial auto insurance policy. HNOA coverage is specifically for non-company owned vehicles.

What can you expect from the HNOA coverage offered by Charlotte Insurance?

  • Choose from a three or six month policy
  • Limit options of $300K, $500K, $1M Combined Single Limit
  • $2,500 deductible
  • Short term policies starting at $1,500
  • In-house authority for quick turnaround
  • Non-auditable policy
  • MVR screening service provided
  • No restrictive warranties

What are the requirements for HNOA coverage for your Restaurant?

Applying for coverage is fairly simple. You’ll need to provide a list of drivers, information on delivery radius in miles, anticipated amount of delivery sales and delivery numbers, and other information to determine your coverage limits. If you operate more than one restaurant location, you can have a location schedule for each.

Your restaurant doesn’t need any more turmoil than you’re already experiencing right now. While delivery is part of your "new normal," make sure your restaurant and staff are protected by the right insurance coverage. Contact Charlotte Insurance today so we can help you protect your restaurant.