Jeanne M.

Written By Eddy DeMelo on September 6, 2018. It has 0 comments.

My Agent Barbara has gone above and beyond to find me the very best insurance coverage , and at the lowest cost too! Not only that; her customer care is phenomenal! I love having someone as an agent who genuinely cares about their customers , and does all they can to ease any concerns and answer questions— and Barbara does that! I am not usually one to boast ; yet I am PROUD to have Barbara on my side , and I have told many of my friends and colleagues about how pleased I am to have my insurance through Charlotte Insurance Group! The only complaint I could think of is : I wish I had known sooner! It would have saved me tons! I am a repeat client and refuse to switch to the more advertised “ bigger companies” , because I am very satisfied and they simply don’t have the Heart like Barbara does at Charlotte Insurance! Thank you so much for asking me to answer this survey ; and a special “Thanks!” To Barbara and the Team ! It’s such a pleasure to have a reliable crew taking care of my insurance needs. Yours Truly, Jeanne Mears