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To Whom Concerned:

In the fall of 2011, I was randomly contacted by Marty Karriker of Charlotte Insurance about the possibility of getting together to discuss the insurance for one of my properties, The Senior Villages. As anyone would reluctantly expect this to be another “sales call”, it couldn’t have been more different. Instead, the team at Charlotte Insurance was able to break down my current policy, the one I basically inherited when I purchased the property, and pointed out to me huge gaps in coverage and all the areas I had potential exposures. They were very consultative in their mannerisms and were really able to educate me on what I had.

In addition to shoring up all the shortfalls in my policy, in addition they were able to save me thousands of dollars in premium. After I made the commitment to switch, they promptly issued my new policy and hand delivered it to me and took the time to review once again what I had purchased. They were also proactive in making additional recommendations which enabled me to make other informed decisions on matters such as payroll.

I would highly recommend at least reviewing what you currently have with the staff at Charlotte Insurance, and am confident they will advise you with courtesy and professionalism, regardless of the outcome of your decision. It was very much an eye opener for me.