Windstorm Insurance Discounts for Owners of Fortified Homes

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As a resident of NC you may or may not have heard about the Institute for Business and Home Safety’s FORTIFIED for existing homes program. In a nutshell, this is a hazard mitigation program aimed at improving the resistance of single-family detached dwellings to local disasters and perils.

Homes that have achieved FORTIFIED-designation tend to be not only more resistant to local hazards but also in many cases safer, more energy-efficient, and even more comfortable to reside in. Fortifying a home may involve roof maintenance or replacement, installing safer and more efficient windows, and / or strengthening the connections between the various components of the building.

Homeowners in NC who fortify their homes according to the IBHS’s standards may be eligible for windstorm discounts on their home insurance premiums. The amount of the credit will depend on the level of fortification achieved and the county the home is situated in.

Owning a FORTIFIED home can also mean that the homeowner has a reduced need to file home insurance claims – another factor which may help keep the cost of insurance premiums down.

More information on FORTIFIED programs for existing homes can be found at the IBHS website. There are also programs available for new constructions and for commercial operators. To find out more about home insurance and windstorm credits for FORTIFIED homes, feel free to contact us.

Tips for Home Fire Safety

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As a NC homeowner, it could be assumed that you would prefer not to suffer a house fire! Losing your property or possessions from fire is a very traumatic event – not to mention dangerous, inconvenient, and expensive.

Of course if you have home insurance in place it certainly helps you to get back on your feet again, by enabling you to rebuild / repair your home and replace your possessions. However it would be better to take steps to help prevent the losses occurring in the first place.

Tips for this include:

  • Always leave space around heaters, and do not use them as clothes’ dryers.
  • Keep all flammable items at a long distance from heating equipment.
  • Have stationery heaters installed by professionals only.
  • Get heating equipment inspected annually, and chimneys regularly cleaned or swept.
  • When using fireplaces, make sure the ashes are fully extinguished after use.
  • Turn off portable heaters when going out or to bed.
  • Do not leave candles unattended – candles may look lovely but they can carry quite a high fire risk.
  • When cooking, don’t leave the stove unattended even for a few minutes.
  • Use clothes’ dryers according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and clean the lint filter after every load. Do not leave them on when you go out.
  • Install fire-detecting equipment. Smoke alarms provide warning while sprinklers detect heat and switch on over the area of fire.

Finally, make sure your home insurance is kept up-to-date at all times. Feel free to contact one of our agents regarding insurance for your NC home.

Recovering Quickly from Interruptions to your Business

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All businesses operate in an uncertain environment. Your supplier could cease operating, your staff might suffer a work injury despite your best efforts at ensuring safety, or a client might experience a fall on your premises. As a NC business owner, you’ll probably be interested in knowing more about how you could recover more quickly from interruptions to your business.

Assess the Problem

Start by assessing the problem and its underlying causes. This will not only help you formulate a strategy for recovery, it could enable you to implement a policy that reduces the risk of the same thing occurring again.

Strategy for Recovery

Once you’ve assessed the problem, you can then formulate a strategy for recovery. What exactly your strategy entails will depend on the issue at hand. This might mean focusing on marketing other products, or training staff to work on other services. It could mean directing more resources or funds to specific issues.


A suitable business insurance package may help you recover from a minor interruption or a major disaster much more quickly, by compensating you with a financial payout or protecting you from the risks of liability. There are many different types of business insurance, so speak to an agent about getting the right policy or updating your existing policy today.