Charlotte Insurance in the News

Recently, Charlotte Insurance was voted Astonish Results’ e-Marketing Agency of the month. Rough Notes wrote a 5 page spread on the agency and what makes us rock stars in the insurance industry!
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Marty Karriker, President and CEO, Charlotte Insurance was recently interviewed by Business Leader Radio. Formed in 1992, the company generates about 80 percent of its business locally. Charlotte Insurance was listed as one of Charlotte’s Best Places to work for two consecutive years.

Formed in 1992, Charlotte Insurance is one of Charlotte’s largest locally owned Property & Liability insurance providers, generating about 80 percent of its client base locally. The company provides custom business, commercial, home, auto, & boat insurance that meets the most important policy elements, while staying on budget. Agents personally meet with every business owner to design a plan for success and by so doing create lifelong relationships where profits can be protected and loss exposures minimized. The executives at Charlotte Insurance realize business owners regard their businesses as more than just work, but also a place that enables them to enjoy life and provide for their family. They thrive on being part of that process to help their clients achieve their goals. Charlotte Insurance was listed as one of Charlotte’s Best Places to work for two of the last three years. Among his many civic contributions, President and CEO Marty Karriker has sat on the boards of the March of Dimes Foundation, while contributing to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Ruckus House Scholarship Foundation among many others.

Local employees: 20

Employee Perks: Health insurance; 401(k) with match; paid lunches; reimbursement for unused personal leave; management support; continuous ongoing training and enhancement.

What’s the first step a company should take to be a “best place to work”? Don’t lose touch with the core reason you are in business. This allows you to relate and understand your employees’ jobs better. Spend time working in the business as well as on the business. Lead by example. Believe in what you teach your employees by practicing what you preach.

How does your company maintain a high level of morale? Never stop learning and always be willing to listen to what your employees have to say, even if you don’t always agree. Act quickly to take appropriate action to resolve problems or concerns.

We’re one of the best places to work in Charlotte because we work in the trenches alongside our employees and never ask of them what we aren’t willing to do or have done in the past. We lead by example, not by exception.

Since 1992, Charlotte Insurance has become one of Charlotte’s largest locally owned Business, Commercial, Home, Auto, & Boat insurance providers. As owners of Charlotte Insurance, we also grew up in Charlotte, and have carved out a special identity with the City. We have created an awareness of our company by becoming involved in the community and implementing an aggressive branding campaign. We want area residents to think of only one thing when they need insurance.

Proud residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, and South Carolina will have the stability of a large company taking care of their insurance needs while still receiving personalized service. Charlotte Insurance is a city icon, and a town staple that people can count on! Charlotte Insurance has offices in the Greater Charlotte Area.