1959 Chevy / 2009 Chevy. Crash Test!

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This is astonishing…The fabulous 50’s??

CRASH OF a 1959 Chevy with a 2009 Chevy.

Stay with this till the end as there are several camera views…

A 2009 car vs. a 1959 car in a crash test. Guess which one wins.

No sound, but the video is enough.

How many times have you heard,

“I wish they would make cars the way they did in the old days”.

Well, someone in the insurance industry put that theory to the test.

Be sure to watch toward the end to see the overhead view —

and the assessment of driver injury.

It’s quite an eye opener.


How do I Find the Right Agent?

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The first step in getting the proper coverage for your particular business is to find the right insurance agent or broker. Here are a few tips:

  1. Ask friends and acquaintances in the same kind of business about the agent they use.
  2. Ask the agent or company that provides your personal insurance for advice on the kind of insurance you need for your business.
  3. Contact business trade associations to see if they sponsor an insurance program designed specifically for your business or if they can provide a list of insurers who specialize in your field.
  4. Make sure the insurance agent you pick is knowledgeable about your business’s insurance needs. Your agent can tell you what to do to reduce the likelihood of theft, injuries to visitors and workers, and other business-related losses.

“Help me Understand Worker’s Compensation Insurance well enough so I feel Confident in what I am Buying.”

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That’s the number one request small business owners make when asked what carriers and agents can do to make workers’ compensation insurance easier to understand.  We took their request to heart and developed an interactive on-line Guide to explain workers’ compensation in “plain English”.

In addition to demystifying this often confusing line of business, our e-Learning Guide will help small business owners develop a checklist of workers’ comp-related questions to discuss with their insurance counselor – you.

Come as our Guest!  http://www.thehartford.com/workerscomp/