How to Detect a Potential Shoplifter

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As a retail business owner, you will probably be aware of the impact of repeated shoplifting on your business. Increasing your security and making sure you have coverage for theft on your business insurance NC are two ways to help protect yourself against the damage caused by thieves. Teaching your employees the warning signs of a potential shoplifter may go a long way towards helping you reduce the problem in the long term.

Here are some warning signs which might indicate a customer is intending to shoplift from your store:

  • Nervous hand and eye movements, along with an appearance of general unease;
  • Large shopping bags, strollers or loose fitting clothing which could be used to conceal pilfered merchandise;
  • Loitering in the back corners of the store;
  • Walking in an odd manner which could indicate concealed items about their person;
  • Inappropriate dress for the weather, for example heavy overcoats during summer or bare feet during winter;

Naturally not everyone who falls into one of these categories is necessarily going to be a shoplifter and many shoplifters don’t exhibit these behaviors. It is important for your staff to be aware of the potential signs and observe customers who exhibit them more closely. Yourbusiness insurance NC may help to protect you financially against major theft incidents but vigilance and careful monitoring is your best weapon against smaller scale shoplifting.

Marketing Your Fitness Business

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Running a fitness business can be a great occupation if you love health and fitness and enjoy working closely with people. Fitness businesses have a few unique traits compared to other businesses and it is important to keep them in mind whether you are deciding on your marketing strategy or updating your business insurance NC.

The fitness industry is highly competitive, so it is important your marketing efforts stand out from the competition. Here are a few suggestions to help you maximize your marketing impact:

  • Email marketing can be a valuable tool for a fitness business as it allows you to interact with your clients, build a relationship and promote yourself. Make sure you regularly send email newsletters, but don’t fall foul of anti-spam rules.
  • Referral marketing is highly valuable for fitness businesses, so try to gather as many testimonials as possible and encourage your existing clients to refer their friends to you.
  • Expand your reputation by sharing some of your expertise for free on blogs or through other platforms. Sometimes giving away free information and establishing yourself as something of an expert, may in due course bring you more money in terms of increased client numbers.
  • Consider interacting with your clients on your Facebook page and through your blog. Building personal relationships is important in any business, but particularly when it comes to a fitness business.

Effective marketing could help you to grow your fitness business and hopefully enjoy a long and lucrative career. As well as effective marketing, it is essential that fitness industry professionals havebusiness insurance NC to cover any unforeseen events or liability issues they may face. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste!

Protect your Business Against Cybercrime

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Increasing numbers of businesses today are dependent on technology and as a result may be vulnerable to cybercrime. Have you considered the effect that a computer virus or scam could have on your business? As well as making sure you have coverage for cyber damage on your business insurance NC, you can implement a few precautions to help increase computer security.
Help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime by:

  • Not allowing anyone unauthorized to have access to your computer or network
  • Changing your password regularly and making sure it is something that is not obvious
  • Installing antivirus software and keeping it regularly updated
  • Before you throw away old or unwanted computer equipment, always making sure you have erased the hard drive so nobody can retrieve your data after it has left your hands
  • Advising staff on cyber security and making sure everyone is aware of your company policies and takes the risks seriously.

By taking these simple steps to help safeguard your computers and networks, you could save your business a lot of money and yourself a lot of stress. Check your coverage for cyber-attacks on your business insurance NC and speak to an agent if you are unsure whether or not you have enough protection.

Tips for Pitching your Business

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Whether your business is just starting out or you have already established a client base, you will almost certainly need to go out and pitch your service or product at one time or another. Pitching is one of those essential tasks that business owners need to master, and along with a having well-structured work environment, sound financial advice and sufficient business insurance NC, pitching effectively can significantly impact the future of your business.
Although pitching can be daunting at first, with practice it does get easier. Here are a few suggestions to help make sure your pitch is as successful as possible.

  • Keep it short. Your audience will probably have a limited amount of time, so make sure you get to the point quickly and cut out any unnecessary information.
  • Tailor each pitch to your specific audience. Although you can have a standard template, make sure you identify your prospective customer’s individual needs and address them in your pitch.
  • Clearly identify what you would like your audience to do, whether it is to buy your product, order your services, visit your website, make a donation, or something else.

Even if you are a seasoned business owner with plenty of pitching experience, it could still be worth taking a look at your pitch and upgrading if necessary. While you are refreshing your sales pitch, why not look at other aspects of your business which might need a bit of an update, such as your business insurance NC?