How to Detect a Potential Shoplifter

Written By Charlotte Insurance on April 24, 2012. It has 0 comments.

As a retail business owner, you will probably be aware of the impact of repeated shoplifting on your business. Increasing your security and making sure you have coverage for theft on your business insurance NC are two ways to help protect yourself against the damage caused by thieves. Teaching your employees the warning signs of a potential shoplifter may go a long way towards helping you reduce the problem in the long term.

Here are some warning signs which might indicate a customer is intending to shoplift from your store:

  • Nervous hand and eye movements, along with an appearance of general unease;
  • Large shopping bags, strollers or loose fitting clothing which could be used to conceal pilfered merchandise;
  • Loitering in the back corners of the store;
  • Walking in an odd manner which could indicate concealed items about their person;
  • Inappropriate dress for the weather, for example heavy overcoats during summer or bare feet during winter;

Naturally not everyone who falls into one of these categories is necessarily going to be a shoplifter and many shoplifters don’t exhibit these behaviors. It is important for your staff to be aware of the potential signs and observe customers who exhibit them more closely. Yourbusiness insurance NC may help to protect you financially against major theft incidents but vigilance and careful monitoring is your best weapon against smaller scale shoplifting.

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