Live Stress-Free with South Carolina Insurance!

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There is no denying that the holiday season can be a stressful time of year. Between work, buying gifts and cooking, it seems like the to-do list never ends! No matter how hectic your schedule may be, it is important to keep your stress levels under control, or else you could be damaging your health. High blood pressure, obesity and depression can all stem from stress. Have no fear! Our reliable South Carolina insurance agency has a few tips to offer when it comes to keeping stress at a minimum.

#1: Organize your life. Write all your errands and chores out. It helps to actually see your list! This way, you can prioritize tasks and are less likely to forget about your plans. If not, your cluttered mind is sure to get the best of you this season.

#2: Get active. You may be busy, but always make time to work up a sweat. Staying active will not only make you feel good, but help to alleviate anxiety and stress.

#3: Eat healthy. You are what you eat- so watch your diet! If you are eating unhealthy, you are sure to feel that way.

#4: Learn to budget. It may be hard to not go all out around the holidays, but it is important to plan a budget and stick to it. If not, you may be dishing out much more than you planned.

#5: Protect yourself. Allowing stress to get the best of you will take a toll on your health. It is important to be prepared with reliable health insurance. If not, you may be swamped with doctor visit fees and costly prescriptions. Our South Carolina insurance agency can help you figure out a plan.

#6: Learn to let go. It takes much more energy to worry about an uncontrollable thing. Learn to let go of things you cannot change.

#7: Get your beauty sleep. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep is crucial, even during the most hectic weeks. Make it a point to go to bed early!

The holiday season is too exciting to let stress get the best of you. Forget about all of the errands you need to run and just enjoy life, one day at a time.

Your life is precious, and it is important to protect it with South Carolina insurance. Whether you are in need of health or even life insurance, we will have you covered! Be sure to check out both policies before the holiday season gets the best of you.

Our North Carolina Insurance Agency Shares Tips on Safe Thanksgiving Driving!

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Will you be traveling long distances for Thanksgiving this year? All Americans know that the day before Thanksgiving is the most traveled day of the year. With that in mind, it is safe to say that a refresher course on driving safety is needed; no matter what age! Our North Carolina insurance agency has a few tips to share about driving safety this season

-Watch your speeding. Yes, we understand you are hungry and looking forward to seeing the family but refrain from driving too fast.

-If you will be traveling far, split up driving duty to avoid getting too tired.

-Refrain from texting and driving. If your cousin texts you asking where you are, have another person in the car take care of texting back.

-Plan your route ahead of time. Make sure you leave early to beat the traffic and know exactly where you are going. If you need to reset your GPS, pull over and do so.

-Make sure to buckle up. This may sound simple, but in 2008 many Americans did not do this. At least 67% of auto fatalities during Thanksgiving weekend were due to no seat belt.

-Make sure you are covered with reliable auto insurance before hitting the road. You never know what will happen on the open road.

-If you have been drinking, make sure you sober up before heading home. If you are still buzzing, plan on spending the night.

-Keep your cool. There are sure to be aggressive drivers around this time of year. However, just let them pass you. Never compete with other drivers out of spite.

With these few tips, you could be avoiding the worst case scenario this season. The roads are unpredictable during the holiday season, especially Thanksgiving weekend. However, if something does go wrong, your auto insurance will kick in. Be sure to speak with our North Carolina insurance agency about our policy. We offer a few different options when it comes to auto insurance, including: bodily injury liability, medical or personal injury protection, comprehensive, collision and uninsured motorist coverage. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving and travels!

Our South Carolina Insurance Agency Celebrates Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

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For those who are not aware, November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month! Our South Carolina insurance agency recognizes this important cause and gives our full support. Too many Americans, young and old, do not realize how easy it is to take life for granted. People will continue to smoke, while being fully aware of the consequences. People think “it will never happen to me.” However, that phrase could not be more wrong. If you are not careful, anything could happen to you. That is why we have a few pieces of advice to share regarding lung cancer prevention.

#1: Put it out. It’s 2011; time to put out the cigarette. Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer.

#2: Put theirs out. Secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as actually lighting up. If a loved one smokes, encourage them to quit as well.

#3: Fill your plate with veggies. Eating a diet filled with green veggies has been said to lower your risk of lung cancer and other cancers as well.

#4: Keep moving. Just a moderate amount of exercise is enough to keep cancer risks low.

#5: Beware of radon. This radioactive gas cannot be seen, smelled, felt or even tasted. Be sure to have your home tested for this gas because it is a cause for concern in terms of lung cancer.

#6: Consider a change in scenery. If you live in a smoggy city, it may be time to move. Cities with high levels of pollution can add to your risks.

These health tips may help lower your risk of developing lung cancer. However, cancer is never 100% unavoidable. That is why it is important to keep ourselves prepared for the worst. After speaking with our South Carolina insurance agency, you will be able to cover issues and costs associated with your health. With a health insurance policy, you will be covered when it comes to: doctor appointments, prescriptions, medical testing, specialized care and surgical procedures. Until the unexpected arrives, it is important to live everyday like it is your last and keep your body as healthy as possible!

Veterans Day

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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary marking the end of World War I. In 1926 Congress passed a resolution for an annual observance; today Veterans Day pays tribute to all American veterans, both living and those who have passed.

The brave men and women who serve and protect the U.S. come from all walks of life; they are your parents, children and grandparents. They are your friends, neighbors and coworkers – as well as an important part of our community. Join Charlotte Insurance in celebrating Veterans Day on November 11th, 2011 by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans.

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Our North Carolina Insurance Agency Shares Ways to Warm Up your Home!

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Before we know it, the temperatures are going to be dropping in North Carolina! With wintery climate on the way, it is important to prepare our home ahead of time. If not, there may be a lot of cold nights ahead. As your reliable North Carolina insurance agency, we would like to share a few tips to warm up your home, without even touching the thermostat.

#1: Wear layers around the house and purchase a great pair of slippers.

#2: Insulate the attic and your pipes to prevent freezing and damages.

#3: Remake the beds with flannel sheets and extra blankets.

#4: Close up all windows for the season and make sure they are sealed shut to prevent drafts.

#5: Cover your windows with heavier curtains at night.

#6: Cook dinner every night to enjoy the heat from the oven.

#7: Light a candle when you are around for a great scent and added warmth.

#8: Use your fireplace; it can add up to 5 degrees to your home’s temp.

#9: Eat soup and drink warm beverages to warm up your body.

#10: When you start feeling cold, get some housework done! Keeping active and moving will keep you warm.

A warm and toasty home will make for a great winter season. Besides bringing a cooler climate, the winter may also be bringing colds, the flu, harsh weather conditions and road conditions. Are you fully prepared for it all? It’s important to make sure you are 100% covered with multiple insurance policies. If you haven’t already, be sure to speak with yourNorth Carolina insurance agency about health, home, auto and even life insurance. By bundling your policies, you can be saving money, too. Savings and guaranteed protection; what’s better than that?

Keep Business going Strong with South Carolina Insurance

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No matter what type of company you run, you are always going to be faced with risks. Whether you work in the medical field, marketing or even cosmetology, your business must be covered! For some, it is a difficult decision when it comes to choosing policies. There are so many different options; you may not even fully understand them all. However, that is exactly why our trusted South Carolina insurance agents are there to help. Allow us to break a few coverage options down for you…

General liability. Liability is one of the most important policies you could have. This policy will cover you in the event of a liability claim made against you- whether it is an injury or even negligence. If a lawsuit does arise, your court costs and attorney fees with be covered.

Workers compensation. This policy is not an option. Workers compensation is required by state law, and for good reason. Workers comp protects your employees if an unexpected accident should happen. It will cover them from medical costs, lost income/wages, rehabilitation costs and even death benefits. This policy benefits you too; you can avoid a lawsuit!

Excess liability. This liability policy acts as an umbrella to your general liability policy. This policy is great to have if a claim is made against you and it exceeds your existing liability coverage.

Commercial property insurance. Your building, structure and property will be covered under this policy. A typical policy will offer coverage for: your building, furniture, equipment, lost inventory, landscaping, outdoor signs, damage to the property of others and much more.

Commercial vehicle insurance. If you provide company cars to your employees, this policy is essential. Commercial vehicle insurance will make sure your vehicles are covered from collision, medical costs, liability and more.

Now that you are aware of these policies, it is time to figure out exactly what your business needs. Our South Carolina insurance agents are ready to help you pick and choose specific policies to keep your company going strong. Without the proper coverage, you may find yourself facing financial woes. Don’t let the unexpected take down your business- you work too hard for that!