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No matter what type of company you run, you are always going to be faced with risks. Whether you work in the medical field, marketing or even cosmetology, your business must be covered! For some, it is a difficult decision when it comes to choosing policies. There are so many different options; you may not even fully understand them all. However, that is exactly why our trusted South Carolina insurance agents are there to help. Allow us to break a few coverage options down for you…

General liability. Liability is one of the most important policies you could have. This policy will cover you in the event of a liability claim made against you- whether it is an injury or even negligence. If a lawsuit does arise, your court costs and attorney fees with be covered.

Workers compensation. This policy is not an option. Workers compensation is required by state law, and for good reason. Workers comp protects your employees if an unexpected accident should happen. It will cover them from medical costs, lost income/wages, rehabilitation costs and even death benefits. This policy benefits you too; you can avoid a lawsuit!

Excess liability. This liability policy acts as an umbrella to your general liability policy. This policy is great to have if a claim is made against you and it exceeds your existing liability coverage.

Commercial property insurance. Your building, structure and property will be covered under this policy. A typical policy will offer coverage for: your building, furniture, equipment, lost inventory, landscaping, outdoor signs, damage to the property of others and much more.

Commercial vehicle insurance. If you provide company cars to your employees, this policy is essential. Commercial vehicle insurance will make sure your vehicles are covered from collision, medical costs, liability and more.

Now that you are aware of these policies, it is time to figure out exactly what your business needs. Our South Carolina insurance agents are ready to help you pick and choose specific policies to keep your company going strong. Without the proper coverage, you may find yourself facing financial woes. Don’t let the unexpected take down your business- you work too hard for that!

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