Fall Driving Hazards

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fall driving hazards

Every season has its good sides and its hazards. Yes, even the mildness of fall. As the weather changes, so will driving conditions out on the road. Beware of these hazards so you can keep yourself and others safe. 

More Rain

When it hasn’t rained in a while, both dust and oil accumulate on the road. The first rain is one of the most dangerous times because it hasn’t washed away the oil. This creates extra slippery conditions for drivers making hydroplaning more likely. Slow down once it starts to rain and even once the weather clears to avoid these mini oil slicks on the road.

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves are both beautiful and hazardous. They make the roads more slippery than normal, especially when it rains. They also obscure roadway lines and potholes so that you can’t see what’s on the road ahead of you. Another hazard you might not be aware of are all the out-of-town visitors who like to see the leaves. They’re not paying attention to the road and may stop with no warning. Watch out for these drivers as much as the leaves.


With cooler temperatures comes fog. You already know that fog makes it more difficult to see the road ahead, but that’s the not only hazard. Many drivers mistakenly put on their high beams in foggy weather which creates a bad glare and makes it more difficult for other drivers to see. Use your low beams and drive slower when it’s foggy to stay safe out on the road.


If rain is slippery, frost and ice are even worse. It’s not completely winter yet, so the frost might surprise you. It only takes one cold snap overnight to create bad road conditions in the morning. Be careful out on the road no matter where you drive, but be especially careful on bridges, overpasses, and in shaded areas where it’s easier for frost and ice to form. 


At the beginning of November, the time changes and we’re all driving in darkness when we’re not used to it. Many drivers don’t see well at night, and the added lights create a glare and make it even more difficult. Add in a few poor weather conditions like rain, fog, or frost, and darkness is a recipe for auto accidents. Slow down and take your time until you adjust to driving in the dark again.

More Deer

Fall weather is prime deer mating season. This means there are more of them, especially in wooded areas and on rural roads. Hitting a deer is dangerous for you and the deer, so pay attention on the road, at night or during the day. If you see deer on the side of the road, slow down to give yourself time to react in case one decides to cross the road in front of you.

Glare from the Sun 

It seems counterintuitive but as the summer ends, the glare from the sun actually becomes worse. The sun moves closer to the horizon at this time of year, and it definitely impacts your driving. Driving towards the sun can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic and driving away from it, with the sun in your rearview mirror can make it just as tough. Keep your windshield clean to avoid glare from dirty streaks and use sunglasses to protect your eyes.

By being aware of fall driving hazards, you can avoid many auto accidents. For the accidents you can’t avoid, you need a solid auto insurance policy to help get you back on the road again. At Charlotte Insurance, we can help you find the best auto insurance coverage that fits your budget. Contact us today for a free estimate!

12 Halloween Safety Tips

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halloween safety tips

Halloween is a time of spooky fun, celebration, and fun costumes. Kids roam the neighborhood, trick-or-treating and having a good time with their friends. Adults get a night to feel like a kid again.. But that doesn’t mean it’s a risk-free holiday, especially if you’re decorating, throwing a party, or expecting to give out lots of candy.

Before you turn your home into a haunted house, check these Halloween safety tips so you don’t have to worry about any accidents ruining everyone’ fun.

  1. Make sure your home, yard, and walkways offer a well-lit path to get to your front door. Replace light bulbs in existing lighting and add new exterior lights as needed. This prevents trips, slips, and other accidents from trick-or-treaters or their parents.
  2. Keep walkways and yard clear of tripping hazards. Even if you decorate your yard, you want to look for things people can stumble over. Decorations should be easy to see and lawn equipment, hoses, furniture, pots, and more need to be put away.
  3. Don’t use candles or open flames in your jack-o-lanterns or other decorations. They can easily cause a fire when they’re knocked over, tripped on, or shoved aside in all the excitement.
  4. Use bright light bulbs in your pumpkins and other decorations. It makes sense to want the spooky effect for Halloween, but that’s not always the safest thing for everyone.
  5. Use plenty of extension cords. You don’t want to overload a single outlet or cord. If it feels hot, unplug everything and let it cool down.
  6. Check the amps needed for your decorations and make sure it matches your outdoor outlets or extension cord.
  7. Plug outdoor lights and decorations into ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to reduce the chance of an electric shock.
  8. Never drape fabrics over light bulbs for indoor or outdoor decorations. The fabric can heat up and start a fire.
  9. Avoid using flammable decorations like crepe paper, corn stalks, and other materials. Even if you don’t use open flames, these materials can cause accidents if they get too close to any heat source.
  10. Keep pets in another room while you’re giving out candy or during your Halloween party especially if they’re nervous or excited around strange people. All the excitement can stress out your fur babies, leading to bites and accidents.
  11. If you’re having a Halloween party, keep exits clear to make sure guests can easily get out in an emergency.
  12. Think twice about serving alcohol at your Halloween party. If you do, take all keys and contact Uber or Lyft for party-goers to avoid liability for any drunk driving.

If this is your first year throwing a big party or decorating your new home, make sure you have enough liability insurance first. All it takes is one dog bite or trick-or-treater to trip in your home or on your lawn to exceed your liability limits. Talk to an agent at Charlotte Insurance to make sure you have enough home insurance coverage for whatever life throws at you this Halloween. You focus on the spooky fun, and we’ll focus on keeping you and your home protected with the right insurance coverage.

How to Improve Peace of Mind When Moving to a New Home

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moving tips


Let’s face it, moving home is a stressful experience for anyone. Whether you’re just moving a couple of streets away, or you’re exploring a completely new city, there’s so much to think about that it can feel as though you’re losing your mind. It’s no wonder that so many people say that moving into a new home is one of the most anxiety-provoking things a person can do.

The good news is that there are ways that you can make the experience a little simpler. Everything from choosing the right realtor, to making sure you have the right support to transport your belongings to your new home can help to give you more peace of mind during your move.

Start with the Right Realtor

It sounds obvious, but choosing a good realtor is a crucial part of setting yourself up for a stress-free move. Not only will the right real estate agent be able to give you plenty of useful information that you can use to simplify the moving process, but they’ll also be able to give you useful information about the neighborhood too. For instance, your realtor could tell you which areas are best for young families, and which are well-suited for retirees.

Get Security Installed Straight Away

Another key tip in making sure that you have peace of mind with your new home? Don’t wait until all of your precious belongings are sitting in boxes on your living room floor before you handle the security. Make sure that you get the locks changed on your new home straight away, and set up an alarm system too, so you know for sure that your items are safe. Even if you move into the safest neighborhood around, it always helps to know that you have security in place to keep your family safe.

Set Up your Insurance

Speaking of keeping things safe, the last thing you want is to spend your life savings on a deposit for your dream home, only for something to happen that destroys your chances of the perfect property. If you’ve found a home that you want to live in for as long as possible, then it’s important to make sure that you protect that space with the right insurance. Many mortgage brokers will ask you to get some kind of insurance before they approve your loan, so make sure you talk to an insurance expert as soon as you find the home that’s right for you.

Get some Help with Moving

Finally, once you’ve got everything in your new home set up to be as secure and safe as possible, you’ll be ready to start moving your loved ones and your belongings into your new house. You can get some support with your moving strategy from a reputable, local company. The right moving company ensures that you get all your property safely transported to your new home so that you can start the next stage of your life with as little stress as possible. Although we don’t have much personal experience with them, Bellhops Moving in Charlotte NC appears to have some good reviews online, so they may be worth checking out.