Our North Carolina Insurance Agency wants you to Lay Off the Horn!

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Do you suffer from road rage? Hey, many Americans do! There is always going to be that one person on the road who is cutting off just about everything. Sure, you may want to get even and cut them off in return but we are here to tell you DO NOT. Our North Carolina insurance agencyhas dealt with too many claims that are caused by unnecessary road retaliation and rage.

Here are a few ways to keep your anger level to a minimum:

  • Stop and think before you react. What seems like a good idea in that split second will soon be clearer if you just think about it.
  • Keep your music down. If you are listening to raging loud music, you will be more likely to get angry and react irrationally.
  • Drive at your own pace. If you are driving slowly and feeling relaxed, less will bother you.
  • Never lay on your horn and aggravated the other driver. You never know who you may be dealing with.
  • Try not to take the bad driver’s moves too personally. If they cut you off, it is not ONLY you. Chances are, they are cutting off the rest of the drivers as well.

If you really take the time to think about your actions, you will quickly realize that the risk is not worth it. If you try to compete and aggravate the driver, you may find yourself in an accident or bad situation. It is best to just keep your cool and mind your business on the risky roads!

If you find yourself in an accident or fender bender, you will always have our North Carolina insurance agency to turn to for help. With a reliable auto insurance policy, you can be covered from collision, medical, comprehensive, liability and more. Feel free to grab a free quote today!

Quick Checklist for Foreclosed & Vacant Homes

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As we all have come to realize we are living in the time where there are numerous foreclosures, bank owned and or otherwise vacant homes on the market. Many times you as the Buyer’s Agent try to rely on information supplied/received by the Listing Agents of these properties. We have come to find that all too often when the Buyer’s Agent is told that the utilities have been turned on no one has actually gone out to the subject property and confirmed this fact. Then when the Inspector arrives at the subject property he/she finds the utility companies tag on the front door (OK, usually on the ground) and no utilities on within the property.

  • Water Service Turned On ? Please check that all necessary valves inside the home are in the ON position prior to the  inspectors arrival, this should be done after the water has been turned on at the street at least 24 hours prior to the inspection). (Appliances such as Water Heaters can be viewed/inspected for visible concerns during the Home Inspection if gas is not on. (A safety check of the gas lines and burners can be completed by the gas company typically at no charge if not on at time of inspection).
  • Gas Service Turned On ? (Many times it is not possible due to time restraints to get the gas service turned on. Gas appliances such as Gas Furnaces & Water Heaters can be viewed/inspected for visible concerns during the Home Inspection if gas is not on. (A safety check of the gas lines and burners can be completed by the gas company typically at no charge if not on at time of inspection).
  • Electric Service Turned On ? (All necessary Breakers & Switches inside the home must be in ON position prior to the Inspector’s arrival, this should be done at least 24 hours prior to the inspection).
  • Heating / Cooling Systems Turned On ?  (Depending on the weather, Turn on the air conditioning systems at least 24 Hrs prior to the inspection, set systems to normal living settings – Auto Mode – between 68 -76 degrees & Pilot On ).  This does not apply if the outside temperature has been and or is below 65 degrees within the past 24 hours. Air conditioning systems should not be operated if the outside temperature has been below 65 degrees within the past 24hours.
  • Water Heater Turned On (Check toilets and sinks for water flow, Confirm Pilot is on & set to normal range/temperature).
  • Home Winterized ? (Homes that need to be De-Winterized, including listed items above. Castle Home Inspections provides De-Winterizing services for an additional charge. These services need to be scheduled and completed prior to the scheduled Home Inspection time/date ).

Checklist Compliments of CastleCheck Home & Building Inspections

South Carolina Insurance: Save on your Life Insurance Premium!

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Many Americans complain about their insurance bills. However, many are not aware that there are always ways to lower your premium. At your trusty South Carolina insurance agency, we would like to start with savings on life insurance. If you are a smoker, we are talking to you!

Smoking is a sure way to make sure your premium is sky-high. It’s 2012! It is time to finally quit smoking once and for all and lower that life insurance premium in the process.

Here are a few tips to help you put out that cigarette:

  • Choose a start date and write it down. Seeing your goal on paper is a great motivator.
  • Find a replacement for your craving at first (nicotine gum, patch, etc.)
  • Visit your doctor and ask for the brutal stats and facts. You may need a good scare to help motivate you.
  • Turn to friends and family for moral support.
  • Rid of any reminders in your home (ash trays, lighters, clothes that smell of smoke, etc.)
  • Find a hobby that will keep you moving. If you get bored, you may feel tempted.
  • Treat your mouth to a cleaning or even whitening. After seeing a new bright smile, you will not want to ruin it!
  • Clean your home from top to bottom to rid of the smoking smells. The same goes for your car.
  • Every week you go without a cigarette, reward yourself!

There is no doubt that quitting is going to be hard and rough during the first weeks and even months. However, with a clear goal in sight, we know that you will be able to reach it. Think about how much money you will be saving in your wallet, on your South Carolina insurance premium, and most importantly…saving your life! If you cave in one day, do not give up! It will only get easier as time goes on.

Good luck!

Stay Covered at College with South Carolina Insurance

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It’s becoming more and more common for college students to choose off-campus housing versus on-campus. Dorms are not for everyone! If you are a student who is planning on renting, our South Carolina insurance agency has some advice for you. It is important that you know what sort of legal agreements you are getting into and to make sure your place is covered with renters insurance.

It is important to:

  • Read the agreement and all paperwork involved multiple times.
  • ALWAYS ask questions.
  • Figure out if you would rather have an already furbished home or want to move in your own furniture.
  • Choose a roommate or two to split up the rent. Just make sure you will be able to get along with them!
  • Choose a neighborhood that you feel comfortable in.
  • Make sure you choose reliable renters insurance to cover your personal possessions and liability.
  • Find out who will be around to take care of maintenance or issues.

If you are willing to take on the responsibility of renting, you must be willing to make the right decisions. For example, opting out of renters insurance may end up hurting your bank account in the long run. Many students make the mistake by thinking their landlord will have damages and such covered, which they will to a certain extent. However, all of your possessions are YOUR responsibility. Without coverage, you may end up losing valuables that cannot be easily replaced.

Our South Carolina insurance agency would love to help keep you safe during this exciting time. Do not hesitate to speak with us about our renters policy! Good luck!

Tips from our North Carolina Insurance Agency: Create a Home Inventory List!

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First-time homeowners: so you have finally settled in, unpacked all boxes and have some time to catch a breath. Everything is good to go now, right? Well, almost! If you have not created a home inventory list yet, it is that time. This list may seem like an intimidating task but it is sure to go hand-in-hand with your new home insurance policy. Our North Carolina insurance agency has a few tips to help you tackle this project with ease!

  • Go through a room a day. If you think about your home as a whole, you will never want to start this project!
  • Use an Excel spreadsheet or specific software to record this information. Be sure to back it up, too.
  • Make sure you record everything you possibly can, including: serial number, make, model, color, place of purchase, price, etc.
  • For a little extra, gather any receipts you may have or take photos of each item.
  • If you are not into the idea of typing out this list, consider going through your home with a video recorder and narrate the information. This is just as effective!
  • Keep this list safe and continue to update as needed.

Once you have the basic home inventory list written out, updating it will be a piece of cake! This list is sure to come in handy once it comes time to file a home insurance claim. Not only will it make it easier on you but the adjuster and our North Carolina insurance agency as well. This way, you will have a much better chance of properly replacing an item or receiving the correct amount of money for any damages or costs.

Good luck with your list!

4 Good Reasons for Auto Insurance by your North Carolina Insurance Agency

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Are you aware that every time you step into your vehicle, you are putting yourself at risk? All Americans should be aware, especially with all the driving distractions these days! Between texting and shuffling through iPods, it is safe to say that no one just drives anymore. As your North Carolina insurance agency, we believe it is our duty to explain to you the importance of an auto insurance policy.

We have four very good reasons:

#1: Medical coverage. Whether you or your passengers are injured in a car accident, medical coverage will kick in. Without it, medical costs may be well in the thousands!

#2: Liability coverage. If the accident is caused by you, you will be held liable for the damages. Luckily, if you are equipped with property damage liability, you will not have to worry about being responsible for another person’s damages.

#3: Covers collision costs. A collision is not only damaging to your vehicle, but can be damaging to your wallet as well. Luckily, auto insurance can be designed to cover all expensive collision costs.

#4: Comprehensive coverage. If you are in an accident that does not involve another vehicle, you better hope you have comprehensive coverage. This policy will protect your car from damage and loss from any incident other than collision.

As you can see, auto insurance will cover you from a variety of mishaps. While you may not need all of these policies, it is nice to know that you have options!

If you are interested in an auto insurance quote, feel free to speak with our North Carolina insurance agency. We would be happy to answer any questions about these options and help you choose a reliable policy for you and the drivers in your family!