Stay Covered at College with South Carolina Insurance

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It’s becoming more and more common for college students to choose off-campus housing versus on-campus. Dorms are not for everyone! If you are a student who is planning on renting, our South Carolina insurance agency has some advice for you. It is important that you know what sort of legal agreements you are getting into and to make sure your place is covered with renters insurance.

It is important to:

  • Read the agreement and all paperwork involved multiple times.
  • ALWAYS ask questions.
  • Figure out if you would rather have an already furbished home or want to move in your own furniture.
  • Choose a roommate or two to split up the rent. Just make sure you will be able to get along with them!
  • Choose a neighborhood that you feel comfortable in.
  • Make sure you choose reliable renters insurance to cover your personal possessions and liability.
  • Find out who will be around to take care of maintenance or issues.

If you are willing to take on the responsibility of renting, you must be willing to make the right decisions. For example, opting out of renters insurance may end up hurting your bank account in the long run. Many students make the mistake by thinking their landlord will have damages and such covered, which they will to a certain extent. However, all of your possessions are YOUR responsibility. Without coverage, you may end up losing valuables that cannot be easily replaced.

Our South Carolina insurance agency would love to help keep you safe during this exciting time. Do not hesitate to speak with us about our renters policy! Good luck!

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