South Carolina Insurance: Save on your Life Insurance Premium!

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 23, 2012. It has 0 comments.

Many Americans complain about their insurance bills. However, many are not aware that there are always ways to lower your premium. At your trusty South Carolina insurance agency, we would like to start with savings on life insurance. If you are a smoker, we are talking to you!

Smoking is a sure way to make sure your premium is sky-high. It’s 2012! It is time to finally quit smoking once and for all and lower that life insurance premium in the process.

Here are a few tips to help you put out that cigarette:

  • Choose a start date and write it down. Seeing your goal on paper is a great motivator.
  • Find a replacement for your craving at first (nicotine gum, patch, etc.)
  • Visit your doctor and ask for the brutal stats and facts. You may need a good scare to help motivate you.
  • Turn to friends and family for moral support.
  • Rid of any reminders in your home (ash trays, lighters, clothes that smell of smoke, etc.)
  • Find a hobby that will keep you moving. If you get bored, you may feel tempted.
  • Treat your mouth to a cleaning or even whitening. After seeing a new bright smile, you will not want to ruin it!
  • Clean your home from top to bottom to rid of the smoking smells. The same goes for your car.
  • Every week you go without a cigarette, reward yourself!

There is no doubt that quitting is going to be hard and rough during the first weeks and even months. However, with a clear goal in sight, we know that you will be able to reach it. Think about how much money you will be saving in your wallet, on your South Carolina insurance premium, and most importantly…saving your life! If you cave in one day, do not give up! It will only get easier as time goes on.

Good luck!

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