Understanding Long Term Care Insurance and Why you need it

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No one thinks it will happen to them. A devastating illness, a horrible accident, whatever it may be, your life can change in an instant. One moment you’re an active person, and the next you’re sick or injured with little to no independence and in need of constant care.

Long term care insurance, unlike health insurance, isn’t meant to help cover the costs of a cure. Instead, it’s used to help cover the often astronomical costs of the care you’ll need during your illness or injury, whether it’s part of recovery or learning to live with a new normal in life.


Traditional health insurance doesn’t include long term care. It’s designed to diagnose and help with recovery, if possible. Health insurance doesn’t deal with the services that help those who live with chronic problems. Medicare may cover some care services but only with strict limitations.

Long term care insurance covers services for care that you may need during illness or injury. Those needs may include assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and feeding yourself. The care may also include nurses, therapists, and other specialists who assist you with more complicated tasks and needs. Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, respite care, and adult day service centers may also be included in your coverage. Your insurance company will reimburse you a daily amount so that you can pay for the services you need.


Purchasing a Charlotte long term care policy well before you need it is a worthy investment. The younger you are when you purchase the policy, the less you’ll pay when compared to your older counterparts, so investing in your future care early has it’s benefits.

When you choose a policy, consider a few current and future factors like income and savings, as well as potential support for your family. How much money do you anticipate being able to pay towards your care, above and beyond what insurance may cover? How much support do you think your family could provide – and would you want them to be your main caretakers? Knowing this information will help you determine what kind of policy to buy.

The cost of your policy is determined by a few factors:

  • Your age when you buy the policy
  • The maximum amount to be paid per day in reimbursements
  • The maximum amount of days or years the policy will cover – this can vary from company to company
  • Any additional optional benefits you select

Some policies have specific limits on how much or how long they’ll pay, so make sure you know that when you purchase your coverage.

No matter your age or your current health, it makes sense to think to the future. The world can change in an instant. Securing your long term care benefits now will help take the pressure off of your family and give you peace of mind that you’ll be cared for in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury. Don’t wait for the worst to happen to come up with a plan. Our team of Charlotte insurance experts are available to answer questions and find the best long term insurance coverage for you.Contact us today to learn more.

What Type of Insurance Does your Church or House of Worship Need?

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You may not think of your church or house of worship as a business entity. Why would you? You help worshipers get in touch with their spirituality. You counsel the downtrodden and visit the sick. Your church nursery is filled with precious children who may grow up to join the church as adults. You work with people. Why would you need a special type of insurance?

The fact of the matter is that churches often function as much more than places of worship. Your church may also be a day care, preschool, meeting location, counseling center, and more. Even though your intent is to take care of your community, you still have the same worries and concerns as any other business: damage, theft, destruction, and, unfortunately, potential lawsuits.

Your church needs the same type of protection as any business. Take a look at the different types of Charlotte insurance coverage available for churches to make sure you’re properly covered:

  • General liability. Basic liability coverage will provide protection in case someone is hurt or property is damaged while participating in church activities or on church property. This insurance helps pay bond premiums, settlements, judgments, and medical bills.
  • Property InsuranceSimilar to homeowner’s insurance, this coverage will help repair or replace property that has been damaged or lost due to fire, theft, or windstorms.
  • Professional Liability. As a provider of different services, especially counseling, this coverage will help you if you’re sued for “malpractice” when someone claims an injury based on advice they were given. Your coverage helps with legal defense, judgments, and settlements.
  • Director and Officer Liability. If your church or house of worship functions with a Board of Directors, this insurance can protect the church from claims made as a result of actions made by a director, officer, or board member on behalf of the church.
  • Auto Insurance. Depending on your needs you can choose from commercial auto or hired and non-hired auto insurance. Commercial auto protects vehicles the church owns or rents. Hired and non-hired auto insurance can be used when vehicles not owned by the church are used for church activities.
  • Umbrella Coverage. In the event you have claims causing you to meet your coverage limits, umbrella coverage steps in and keeps you protected. It is also know as excess liability coverage.
  • Foreign Liability and Foreign Travel. Consider this type of coverage if your church organizes international trade missions or other trips out of country.
  • Garage Insurance. This is especially useful if your church offers valet parking, provides automotive services like oil changes and other light maintenance, accepted donated vehicles, or sells or gives away vehicles. This coverage protects the church if the vehicle is damaged or stolen while in the church’s care.

No one likes to think about accidents happening or anyone getting hurt. And while it may be hard to believe that anyone would sue a church, it can and does happen. Protect your church with the right insurance coverage. Our team is standing by; ready to answer your questions and help you determine the best coverage for your church. Contact us today!

What is Risk Management for High Net Worth Individuals?

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You’ve worked hard to build the life you’ve always wanted. A large home on a private estate, the collection of antique cars in a luxury garage, a private yacht – it’s all yours. You take pride in everything you’ve accomplished. Looking around, it’s satisfying to see the luxurious life you’ve built for you and your family.

But it can be threatened in an instant.

A devastating storm hits, the kind that levels entire neighborhoods, destroying everything in its path. You and your family make it through, but your home and your valuables take a huge hit. A few things are damaged beyond repair while others are fixable, but it all comes at a cost. It’s not a good situation, but you’re not worried. You’ve got great insurance coverage – or so you think.


Typical risk management identifies, assesses, and controls the economic risk to a business. You’re probably intimately familiar with risk management in business. As a high net worth private citizen, managing your risk isn’t much different. Your personal possessions may have a much higher replacement value than standard insurance can or will cover. Your professional activities – business owner, partner, officer or director – come with their own risks to your livelihood.

Standard insurance cannot cover many of your investments that are too valuable. High net worth insurance fills the gaps left behind by other coverages, giving you added and much needed protection. Working with an individual agent who will work closely with you to understand your life and assets, you can purchase high net worth insurance to protect everyone and everything you hold dear.


Part of what we do with our Private Client Services for high net worth individuals is to take a look at all parts of your life – the valuables you own as well as the businesses that you’re involved with. With complete discretion and professionalism, we’ll gain a full understanding of where you’re vulnerable so that we can help protect you and your family.

When looking at the details, we’ll discuss your valuable assets. Common assets that may need additional coverage include:

  • High-value homes
  • Classic and antique automobiles
  • Yachts and other watercraft
  • Aircraft
  • Antiques and collections
  • Fine jewelry

Necessary protection doesn’t stop at your valuable possessions. Risk management protection can also include the intangibles that can’t be purchased but carry no less risk of loss:

  • Identity theft
  • Liability and workers compensation for domestic employees
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Personal liability
  • Director and officer liability

Your high net worth makes you a target for theft and destruction of your life. Your business activities can put you in harm’s way, often through no fault of your own. Our Private Client Services will give you peace of mind and financial protection from the unexpected. Contact us today and let’s work together to make sure your life and assets are protected.