Understanding Long Term Care Insurance and Why you need it

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No one thinks it will happen to them. A devastating illness, a horrible accident, whatever it may be, your life can change in an instant. One moment you’re an active person, and the next you’re sick or injured with little to no independence and in need of constant care.

Long term care insurance, unlike health insurance, isn’t meant to help cover the costs of a cure. Instead, it’s used to help cover the often astronomical costs of the care you’ll need during your illness or injury, whether it’s part of recovery or learning to live with a new normal in life.


Traditional health insurance doesn’t include long term care. It’s designed to diagnose and help with recovery, if possible. Health insurance doesn’t deal with the services that help those who live with chronic problems. Medicare may cover some care services but only with strict limitations.

Long term care insurance covers services for care that you may need during illness or injury. Those needs may include assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and feeding yourself. The care may also include nurses, therapists, and other specialists who assist you with more complicated tasks and needs. Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, respite care, and adult day service centers may also be included in your coverage. Your insurance company will reimburse you a daily amount so that you can pay for the services you need.


Purchasing a Charlotte long term care policy well before you need it is a worthy investment. The younger you are when you purchase the policy, the less you’ll pay when compared to your older counterparts, so investing in your future care early has it’s benefits.

When you choose a policy, consider a few current and future factors like income and savings, as well as potential support for your family. How much money do you anticipate being able to pay towards your care, above and beyond what insurance may cover? How much support do you think your family could provide – and would you want them to be your main caretakers? Knowing this information will help you determine what kind of policy to buy.

The cost of your policy is determined by a few factors:

  • Your age when you buy the policy
  • The maximum amount to be paid per day in reimbursements
  • The maximum amount of days or years the policy will cover – this can vary from company to company
  • Any additional optional benefits you select

Some policies have specific limits on how much or how long they’ll pay, so make sure you know that when you purchase your coverage.

No matter your age or your current health, it makes sense to think to the future. The world can change in an instant. Securing your long term care benefits now will help take the pressure off of your family and give you peace of mind that you’ll be cared for in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury. Don’t wait for the worst to happen to come up with a plan. Our team of Charlotte insurance experts are available to answer questions and find the best long term insurance coverage for you.Contact us today to learn more.

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