11 Spring Landscaping Tips

Written By Charlotte Insurance on April 26, 2017. It has 0 comments.

For some people, spring means throwing off the thick coats, getting outside, and enjoying the warmer weather. But for other people, it means dusting off the pruning shears, the shovel, and your garden hose. They can’t wait to feel the moist soil under their fingers, get a little sun on the back of the neck while bent over the plant beds, or prune and weed their yard back into shape.

If this is you, take a look at our list of spring landscaping tips to help you get your yard ready for spring.

  1. Prune trees and shrubs you might not have touched before winter arrived.
  2. Go ahead and apply weed killer now before the weeds show up. Look for a pre-emergent type of weed killer.
  3. Check your lawn equipment to make sure it works. Clean and replace parts if necessary.
  4. Fill in any bare spots on your lawn. You can use plugs, sod, or even a soil and grass seed mixture depending on the size of the spot and your budget. Water well and consistently until the area fills in.
  5. Fix uneven pavers, blocks, or stepping stones. Lift them up, add soil or gravel underneath and level it off. Put the stone back in place.
  6. Clean your birdhouse, bird feeder, and bird baths.
  7. Mulch your beds and around your shrubs. You can have a layer between two and four inches of mulch. Make sure you spread it evenly over the area.
  8. Clean your gutters so the rains flows away from your house.
  9. Remove any dead wood from trees and shrubs.
  10. Scrub your pots and clean your tools – you’re going to need them.
  11. Take care of your plants – cut back perennials, plant dormant shrubs and trees, and move any dormant plants now.

Taking care of your home’s yard now, before the weather really warms up, will give you a beautiful lawn all through the spring and summer months. Pruning back trees and shrubs also helps prevent damage to your home in big storms. This may also be the year that you replace or add a fence for the backyard or remove the big tree that’s growing over your roof.

If you’ve recently made changes to your landscaping or yard that might make your home less prone to danger or safer from potential harm, give us a call at Charlotte Insurance. We’ll check to see if you qualify for any additional discounts or a lower homeowner’s insurance premium.

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