23 Fall Maintenance Tips

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Now that the weather is cooling off, it’s time to tackle a few things around your home. If you wait too long, winter will be here, and you won’t be able to get anything done. And what doesn’t get done could make for a miserable winter.

Check out our 23 fall maintenance tips to put on your to-do list.

  • Clean gutters and downspouts. Get rid of leaves and debris.
  • Make sure the support brackets are secure and no water comes down behind the gutters.
  • Check to see if your gutters and downspouts drain properly and that no water pools on the ground.
  • Repair any loose or damaged windows or door frames.
  • Add caulk or weather-stripping around windows and doors to keep out cold drafts.
  • Replace the filter in your heating system.
  • Have your heating system serviced by a professional HVAC company. They’ll find any problems with your heater and get it fixed before you need it.
  • Clean your air ducts to increase the efficiency of your heating system.
  • Use heating tape or other insulation to protect your pipes from freezing this winter.
  • Have your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned.
  • Test your fireplace flue to make sure it has a tight seal when it’s closed.
  • Check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms for working batteries.
  • Check the vents in your attic. Make sure insulation doesn’t cover the vents in the eaves. If it does, winter dams may form on the roof.
  • Clear ridge vents and vents at the eaves of plants and debris.
  • Make sure rodents and birds can’t come through broken screens in your attic vents.
  • Repair any loose shingles on your roof.
  • Rake up leaves from your lawn. Use as mulch or compost.
  • Fertilize and reseed your lawn.
  • Prune your trees and shrubs after the leaves turn to encourage healthy growth.
  • Mulch your flower beds and around trees and shrubs.
  • Trim limbs that are close to the roof or power lines before rain or snow falls.
  • Empty and put away garden hoses.
  • Fall is a good time of year to paint the exterior of your home.

Taking care of your home now before the cold sets in will prevent problems later this winter. The last thing you want is to be out in the dead of winter dealing with a leaky roof, drafty windows, and or frozen hoses. Fall is a great time to get this work done.

You care about your home. That’s why you maintain it and worry about it. Make sure your home is properly protected with enough homeowner’s insurance. Contact Charlotte Insurance today. We’ll be happy to answer questions about your policy and check to make sure you have enough coverage.

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