5 Ways to Show Your Clients Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Written By Charlotte Insurance on February 10, 2023. It has 0 comments.

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There’s nothing that your clients like more than feeling as though you appreciate their business. After all, where would your business be without clients? While there are numerous ways for you to show them that you care, some are more effective than others. What are some of these suggested methods? Here are a few of the best.

1) Give Away Cool Promotional Items

You’ve no doubt seen those promotional giveaways at conferences and conventions. Why not come up with some of your own that you can hand out to clients? The ubiquitous options, like stickers and magnets still work, as do calendars, pens, and pads of sticky notes, all with your logo on them. However, you can also think outside of the box, and consider small stuffed toys, reusable cups, and even thumb drives, among other options.

2) Send Them a Card

The key here is to send them a card for a specific reason, not just to thank them for their service, although this could work as well. Since your customer database likely holds information like the date your clients purchased their most recent vehicle or home, as well as their birthdays, send them cards to celebrate all of these milestones. In order to sweeten the deal, include a small gift card, like a $5 one to Starbucks, to really show your appreciation.

3) Hold an Event

Rather than host a specific party for your existing clients, asking them to take time away from their families for an evening, why not make it a day long deal? Send out an email to all of your clients, informing them that you’ll have free coffee, snacks, and other things available in your offices on a certain date. Make sure that your office hours are included. This way, they can stop by when their schedule permits on that day and enjoy some tasty treats and a bit of conversation.

4) Create a Referral Program

Not only will a referral program benefit your clients, since they get a little token of appreciation out of it, but you’ll receive an influx of new clients, which works in your favor as well. How do these programs work? They require your current clients to send their friends, family, and co-workers your way. Once they become a customer, you can reach out and send them a little something. It could be a gift card, a discount of some sort, or even cold, hard cash.

5) Tell Them “Thank You”

Sometimes, these two words go a long way. You don’t always have to hand out free things to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. Instead, you just need to tell them. The next time you speak to any of your clients, end the call with “thank you for your business.” It’s free, and just as effective as any other method. And as you can see, in some cases, you can keep showing your appreciation pretty simple.

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