6 Things You Need to Know About Boat Insurance

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a boat insured with a charlotte boat insurance policy

Every time you look at your boat, you imagine being out on the water again. The wind and spray in your face. The open water in front of you. It’s fun in the sun, but there are always risks when you head out, too.

Before you take your boat out again, make sure you’re covered by the right kind of boat insurance. Here’s what you need to know.

Small Boats Need Insurance, Too

Your homeowners insurance typically won’t cover your boat in the water unless it’s extremely small. If you’re unsure, ask us to check your policy. Even if your home insurance does cover your boat, it won’t offer protections specific to boat insurance like certain liability and boat-specific damage coverage.

Consider Additional Coverage Beyond Standard Boat Insurance

Standard boat insurance policies are a good place to start as they’ll protect you from common hazards. But they’re not designed to cover everything that can happen out on the water. Look beyond standard boat insurance and consider additional coverage for things like fuel spill liability, injuries from uninsured boaters, on-water tow coverage, and more.

Your Boat Needs Insurance Protection on Land, Too

The vast majority of boat insurance policies only protect you and your boat while you’re on the water. Make sure you’re covered on dry land, too. Find out if your auto insurance covers you while you’re towing your boat. Ask if your homeowners insurance protects your boat while it’s parked at home. If not, you may need to update your other policies, too.

Your Boat Insurance Policy Doesn’t Cover You Everywhere

Most boat insurance policies only cover your boating activities and property in areas you “typically” boat in and a certain range beyond that. If you want to hitch up your boat and tow it across country for vacation, contact your insurance agent to make sure you have the right kind of insurance.

Boat Insurance Rates Determined by Multiple Factors

Just like your auto insurance, your boat insurance premium is determined by multiple factors. The size and type of boat is part of the price, but also where you boat, any training or certification you’ve completed, your driving record, and, as always, the size of your deductible. When shopping for boat insurance, work with an independent insurance agency who can offer quotes from multiple carriers so you get the best deal.

Boat Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

It’s tempting to skip extra insurance because of the cost, but boat insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Just like with other insurance policies, discounts are often available. Taking safety courses, bundling insurance coverage, and paying your premiums in full are all ways to score discounts and lower your overall cost.

Before you hit the open water again, make sure you’ve got a solid boat insurance policy in place. You’ll protect yourself, your family, your boat, and everyone else on the water with you when you do. Contact Charlotte Insurance for more information or a free quote today!

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