7 Strange Insurance Claims

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Why do I have insurance? They won’t pay a claim for that!” think again. People have had strange things happen to them and filed an insurance claim as a result. Not only was it a weird moment for them, but the insurance company paid the claim! It just goes to show that if something can go wrong, it will – and it pays to have insurance to help you out when it does.


A livestock farmer was tending to one of his cows giving birth. It was a dark and stormy night so he used his iPhone as a flashlight. In the birth canal of the cow. And he lost his phone – in the birth canal. He was able to retrieve it a few hours later, but not surprisingly, it no longer worked.


What do you get when a beautiful wedding dress gets too close to the open fire barbecue at the reception? You get a fiery bride. Thankfully she wasn’t injured because her new husband saved her by throwing her into the sea.


You might not realize it, but your tropical vacation could be dangerous for your health. Each year, 150 people are killed by coconuts falling on their head. Thankfully for a woman vacationing in Sri Lanka, she was only knocked unconscious by the coconut that landed on her while she was reading a book under a palm tree.


We all get busy at the holidays, and sometimes our live Christmas tree isn’t as secure on the top of our car as it should be. One driver found out the hard way. Another driver hadn’t tied the tree properly to the top of their car, drove too fast, and took a sharp corner. The tree flew off the top and landed in the windshield of the driver who immediately called his insurance agent to file a claim.


Strange things happen on exotic vacations. Ask a couple who visited Malaysia. A monkey came into their room, stole all their clothes, and scattered them throughout the nearby jungle. They filed an insurance claim and were compensated for the damages.


Another exotic vacation, another animal with no time for tourists. This time, a driver was sightseeing through parts of Australia when he came across a wild camel who had no patience for him or his car. The camel kicked in the door of his car, and thanks to video evidence, the insurance claim was paid.


Ahhh, kids. They can be so cute and lovable. They can also be mischievous and cause property damage. Ask the parents of the children who buried their expensive camera in the sand on their beach vacation. Someone went to bed without dessert that night.

No matter where you go or what you’re doing, things happen that you can’t predict. You’d be surprised at how often your insurance will cover even the strangest claim. But you have to have good insurance first.

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