7 Things You Didn’t Know Home Insurance Covered

Written By Charlotte Insurance on January 28, 2020. It has 0 comments.

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You know your Charlotte homeowners insurance protects you from fire, theft, and when a limb falls on your roof during a storm. You know you have liability coverage for accidents and damage. But there are a few key details you might have missed the last time you looked over your policy. Check out these small, but important, things your home insurance covers. 

Spoiled Food 

Your home insurance won’t cover the thousands of dollars in fresh vegetables you leave in the crisper and forget to eat every year. But if your food spoils because of a power outage — from a natural disaster or something else, you can often be reimbursed for the costs associated with restocking your fridge, up to your policy’s limits. 

Falling Waste

Have you ever used a toilet on an airplane and wondered where the waste goes? Usually it’s in a holding tank. However, sometimes blue ice aka frozen waste falls from an airplane, landing on a home and causing damage. If this happens to you, you’re covered.

Headstone Damage

Your loved one’s headstone matters a great deal, and there’s little more painful than knowing a vandal tipped it over, broke it, or otherwise desecrated their final resting place. If this happens, the insurance of the primary caretaker may cover it. But insurance doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or settling.

Cleaning Up After a Death

Was your home the site of a murder, suicide, or other death? This may shock you, but the clean-up is covered by your home insurance. Before you spend a lot of money to clean up a tragedy, contact your agent.


This isn’t the wild, wild West, but wild animals can still stampede, especially after a natural disaster when they’re lost, confused, and scared. If wild animals run through your home or gain access in other ways, your homeowners insurance may cover the damage.

Matching Sets

If you’ve suffered damage in your home, from theft, fire, or a natural disaster, and your “matching sets” of possessions didn’t make it, you may be covered for the entire group of items. Yes, even if one candlestick, lamp, or lantern in the set is still functional.

Hotel and Restaurant Expenses

Your home insurance isn’t paying for your next vacation. But if a covered peril forces you into a hotel until repairs can be made, your lodging and food expenses may be reimbursed as part of your coverage.

Whether you want to better understand your policy or increase your home insurance coverage, contact Charlotte Insurance today. We’ll walk you through exactly what your policy does and doesn’t cover, explain your options, and help you choose the best insurance for your home and family.

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