Auto Insurance for International Travel: Coverage When Driving Abroad

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Auto Insurance for International Travel Coverage When Driving Abroad

If you’re vacationing overseas and get into an auto accident, you may end up having to pay more than you budgeted for. Unless your international travel involves going to Mexico or Canada, your U.S. auto insurance likely won’t follow you. That policy isn’t valid in numerous other countries, leaving you with some potentially expensive bills should something happen.

So, before you take your next European vacation or plan on driving around in the Bahamas or some other tropical destination outside of the United States, add auto insurance to your list of things to take care of before you board the plane.

You Might Have Insurance Through Your Credit Card Company

Some credit cards offer a number of benefits, especially if you use them to rent a car. One of these perks is usually car insurance, provided at very little extra cost, if any, by the credit card company. In order to use this insurance, which usually is good in other countries, you have to use the card to rent a vehicle. Of course, you’ll need to check with the credit card company’s customer service professionals to ensure that you have the coverage that you need, as well as read the fine print on your agreement with them.

Check with the Rental Car Agency

Rental care companies also offer car insurance. These policies usually include the bare minimum and are designed to protect the rental company and thus pay for damages to the car that you’re renting. They may not cover any damage done to other properties, vehicles, or the medical costs of the other driver should you be found to be at fault for the accident. It’s important to always check with the rental care company before moving forward with their insurance options.

What About Vacation Insurance?

It’s common to take out vacation insurance if you’re planning a big trip. This insurance helps you relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that unforeseen circumstances, like having to leave a cruise early due to injury or illness, might lead to some reimbursement towards the cost of the trip. Other things, like delayed flights and even injuries that end up with the entire trip being cancelled before it begins are often covered in these policies as well. However, one thing that isn’t covered by vacation insurance is your auto insurance. If you plan on driving during your vacation, you’ll need a separate policy.

Obtain an International Auto Policy

In some cases, the best solution is to get an international auto policy. These policies have your back should you get into an accident while on your vacation. In order to obtain one, reach out to your insurance company. They’ll be able to set up a policy for you that stays in place during your entire vacation. For a small amount of money, you’ll end up avoiding having to pay for injuries and auto damage out of pocket, which can really put a damper on your trip. These auto policies are always a good idea.

Have Questions? Contact Charlotte Insurance

Want to learn more about auto insurance for international travel? Contact Charlotte Insurance. Our agents can explore and explain all available options to you and put together the customized auto coverage plan that you need for your next international trip.

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