Auto Insurance for Teens: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

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Auto Insurance for Teens A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

The words “teen driver” and “car insurance rates” tend to make parents cringe. Most parents are fully aware that they’ll end up paying more on their car insurance premiums, thanks to the age of their children who can now attempt to qualify for their driver’s licenses.

So, what do you need to know about adding your teen to your auto insurance? And when are they required to have coverage in place? These are just two of the many things that we discuss in this guide. Keep reading to learn all that you need to know!

When Should You Insure Your Teen?

While it’s customary to add your teen driver to your existing auto policy, the timing matters. In most states, before your teen gets on the road with their learner’s permit, they need to have auto liability insurance in place. This protects them and others on the road, including any driving instructors.

Once your teenager gets their license, they’ll need to be added to any policies that you have on your vehicles. This is the only way to ensure that you’re following the law.

What About teenSMART Certifications?

If you want to save a bit of money on your auto insurance premiums and ensure that your teenager knows how to drive safely, then you can enroll them in the teenSMART program. Once they get their license, they can head online and take the required courses. This program is about more than just following traffic laws. It actually teaches teens how they should react in a number of different circumstances that can occur while they’re driving. After they finish the modules, they’ll take an online test. Passing it provides them with a printable certificate that you can give to your auto insurer.

Grade and Distance Discounts

Some auto insurers offer discounts on teen drivers. It all depends on their GPA in school and how far they drive to get to their campus. For example, if your high school senior drives less than five miles to get to their school and has a 3.5 grade point average, then they may qualify for a discount. The less they drive and the better their grades, the more likely they are to be a smart driver and careful behind the wheel, at least through the eyes of your insurance company. These discounts can continue all of the way up through college, so keep that in mind when you ask your insurer for details.

As Your Teen Gets Older

Thankfully, as your teen matures and their driving record remains good, without any tickets or accidents, you’ll have less and less to worry about as far as your auto insurance rates are concerned. Typically, around the age of 25 is when those rates start to dip, but this can change based on a number of factors. Just remember that your teen driver won’t be one forever. Eventually, they’ll gain more confidence and skill on the road, and your rates will adjust accordingly.

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