Back to School: Setting Your Students Up for Success

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No matter what school looks like for your child this year, it’s nothing like any of us hoped it would be. From masking guidelines to social distancing, a lot has changed in the past couple of years. For students going back to school, there’s a lot of excitement but also stress, even in a typical year.

Here’s how you can set your student up for success and help them navigate the challenges of the school year ahead. Once they have these skills, they’ll be better able to handle future school years, too.

Expectation Management

No matter what age your student may be, they all have an image in their head of what they think school will be like. Now is a good time to sit down with them and discuss your expectations and also the reality of the current school year. Be honest that this won’t be a year when anything gets back to “normal.” Talk to them about how you expect them to behave so they can keep themselves safe.

Encourage them to talk about their own worries and fears with you. This can be a great opportunity to answer their questions and offer reassurance. Let them know it’s okay to ask for help, too.

Create Routines

Going from summer fun to the strict schedule of school isn’t easy. It’s even harder if your student learned virtually last year. Put together both morning and evening routines to help them stay on track and set them up for success. This minimizes important things being forgotten and helps keep the morning chaos to a minimum.

Morning routine:

  • Wake-up at a specific time
  • Shower, brush teeth, and get dressed
  • Eat breakfast
  • Leave at a certain time

Evening routine:

  • Prep for the next morning: make lunch, get backpack together
  • Set alarm for the next day
  • Pick out clothes
  • Shower in the evening if morning isn’t a good time

Get to Know the School

What your child’s school offers will vary based on their own safety protocols and the age of the students. But take advantage of any opportunities available to help your child learn their new school and meet their teachers. This may be through virtual tours on the school website and in-person orientations to pick up schedules, visit classrooms, and meet teachers. For students going to a new school (like rising middle schoolers or high schoolers), walk around the campus so they feel prepared to find their classrooms on the first day of school.

Get Ready to Check Email

For both students and parents, email is the main way most schools and teachers will communicate with you. If your student isn’t used to consistently checking their school email, start the habit now. Set it up on a device (phone or laptop) they have easy access to. Remind them to check their email regularly.

And parents, if you’re not great about checking your personal email, now is the time to start. A lot of information will come to you from the school this way. Both you and your student will have more and better information if you keep up with emails during the school year.

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